MICHIGAN Equestrians! Please Help!

I’m in the Plymouth area and looking to board my gelding at a new place. Are there any other farms you’d recommend around Plymouth/Canton/Northville/South Lyon/Superior Twp?
I’m looking at Willowbrooke today, Cavallo on Thursday. I’ve called MeadowLark and Superior and am waiting on a response… Does anyone have the phone number for Loon River?

Here’s my problem: My gelding has some mild arthritis and does best when outside the majority of the time. It seems like a lot of places around here are either full on field board or aren’t willing to let me do stall board with majority turn out.

I ride mostly for pleasure, but do jump and go to a few horse trials now and then. (We also trail ride on occasion).

I’d really love a private barn that is willing to work with me on care - but unfortunately I’m not from this area and don’t know many of the private places/people around here. Please help!


I work in that area. Do you do a specific discipline? Sleepy Hollow is in that area and I know the people personally. I think they really try to run a good farm but are more dressage-specific. I taught out of Loon River for a while and a friend of mine still teaches there. They take good care of the horses and the indoor arena is nice and big. They also have lots of trails. The riders at that barn are mostly eventers. Unfortunately, I don’t have a number for them, as I only taught one person there short-term while they were between barns, but I think you could just stop by. They’re on Joy Rd. just east of Dixboro.

I’ve heard of some problems with Superior Stables in Ann Arbor so I’m not sure about that one. If you’re willing to drive a little further and are looking for something low-key, I know a great place in Milan called Brookshire. There are some private farms in the area too but none that I know of that would be interested in boarding. There are also a number of options in the Dexter/Saline areas but that might be too far for you??

Feel free to send me a PM for more information.

I had a difficult time finding that kind of board situation in that area – the main reason I got my own place, but YMMV.

If you’re looking for low-key then Superior is not your best choice. I tried it when they first opened and the place was full of dogs and little kids but that was several years ago.

Cavallo has excellent care but the horses go out in a big herd in a big field and come in at night and there’s no deviation from that.

Brookshire Farm in Milan is horse and rider heaven and they’re under new management but it’s a little far out from you.

Good luck.

Our farm works with Willowbrooke a lot as both of our head trainers are IHSA coaches, but we are quite a bit too far north for you. Have you checked out Stapleton Farms in Leslie? I’m not sure how far that is from you but I’ve heard good things about them. Brilliant Reflection is in Ortonville,it’s lovely with lots of turnout, but that may be too far for you too.

Thank you everyone for the responses!

Clair2014 - No real specific discipline. Currently I’m doing a bit of lower level eventing. But I have a trailer, so I can always leave to go school other places. I don’t think I’ve heard of Sleepy Hollow. I’ll PM you about them! I drove by Loon River yesterday, so next time I’ll just pop in to say hello. Unfortunately because I already have to drive an hour each way to work, I’m trying really hard to keep my drive to the barn short. Milan/Dexter/Saline are a little far.

Draftygirl - That seems to be the general consensus about Superior. Cavallo mentioned she’d be willing to leave out overnight in nice weather, but maybe her “leave out” means something different than what I think!

RatWrangler - Stapleton is about 45 mins without traffic. Ortonville is further. I do really appreciate the suggestions though! I’ve never heard of those and will be sure to keep them in mind if I move in the future. :slight_smile: