Micklem breastplate


Has anyone tried one of these? I’ve been struggling with the fit of my “flexible” fit bridge breastplate for YEARS and I’m finally giving up on it, so looking for a replacement.

Im open to other recommendations, but my criteria are:

-I want something with wide elastic, to minimize pressure points

-if it attaches to billets, it has to attach easily to a monoflap (I think this is why my flexible fit doesn’t fit well)

-would rather not have a 5 point as the just seem SUPER complicated :upside_down_face:

Thanks a ton in advance!

I have this. It’s nice, wears well. Good quality. I use it on my monoflap with no issues. It will meet your criteria. Cleans up nice too. As an extra data point, I can’t remember exactly what size I have but I remember thinking the sizing was well-described and it fits nicely.

I shall enable your purchase! :joy:


Thanks!! I was a bit worried about the sizing after reading the reviews!

I just double checked on sizing. The horse that wears it is a 16.2hh WB (25% TB) that is on the “OS end of Horse size” where he goes a bit bigger than Horse but is on the small size of OS. He has the OS of the Micklem breastplate. My WBs without the TB wear Nunn Finer OS and it was too big for him, so I bought this one. It was a few years ago but I think it’s still the same design. They sell it in my local tack shop.

I loved mine so much I bought a second one to set aside for shows. It’s the only breastplate I own (and I own several…) that effectively does its job on my guy. And it’s beautiful too! Great quality. I had no issues with sizing.

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I had one and loved it. I appreciated the grab strap for those hairy situations.

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When I bought my flexible fit breastplate, it came with an attachment for my monoflap. Actually it didn’t, but it was on the video for fitting so when I called them they sent it to me

Yeah, those loop thingys. I needed up replacing them with something else bc they were SO think they were super uncomfortable under my leg. My main issue with it is that to have it fit properly, the strap over the withers has to be as long as possible and I still feel like it puts a ton of pressure on his neck. I needed up getting a Lumiere one that looks a lot like a dyon, but WAY cheaper. Fingers crossed it fits him better.