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Micro stress knee fracture in OTTB

A lady at my barn is giving me her 4yo OTTB because he is being retired due to a micro stress fracture in the knee. She said he’s sound, but I’m all worried about it becoming a problem. I am eventually going to do jumpers wit him and she said I can start in November with that but right now, just light work with walking and some trotting. Will the light work make the slight injury worse? Also, how should I protect him during turn out? How long does it take to heal? What future problems may I have? I have some money saved up just in case but won’t have a ton because I’m working my board off and using my pay for the horse in general.

You need a vet to answer all of these questions for you. X-ray the knee, and ask the vet. Suitability for future jumping and/or sport careers is highly variable, on location of fractures.