Mid-Atlantic Folks - What Type of Grass is Super Fine (Like angel hair pasta)

I will post a pic tomorrow. But this is an unually fine grass (not a normal broad leaf). It grows like crazy in damp areas and you just can’t kill it even if you scalp it in sweltering weather. It seems like the horses don’t eat it, or aren’t crazy about it. It smells spicy when mowing. Thanks!

Makes me think of burmuda grass.

Does it lay down when it gets long?

I’m thinking fine fescue. Bermuda still has a decent sized leaf.

We have something similar here called tickle grass.
Is good ground cover, doesn’t use much moisture, is not aggressive.
As you say, not much likes it, we consider it just a filler between weedy spots and better grasses:


I think it may be the fine fescue, although it thrives like crazy in the heat, even when scalped down to almost nothing. Constantly mowing it. I think it does lay down when not mowed.