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Midatlantic 2 year old Sale

I always enjoy window shopping. What hips do you like?

Here are the ones making me drool

Hip 57 - Improbable - Gold Serenade WOWZA

Hip 198 - Complexity x Natural Wonder

FTMMAY24_198_Natural Wonder 22 on Vimeo

Hip 216 - Solomini x Peeress

Hip 222 - Tapit x Plus One
FTMMAY24_222_Plus One 22 on Vimeo

Hip 254 - Maclean’s Music x Raving About You

Hip 372 - Frosted - Tropiclikeitshot

Hip 45- Mclean’s Music x Gentle Touch
FTMMAY24_45_Gentle Touch 22 on Vimeo

Hip 67 Vekoma - Happy Now

Hip 93 Cloud Computing x Infinite Grace


GAWJUS!!! I’m going to go window shopping now. Thanks for the enteretainment

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Not at all a racing expert opinion, but if you’d like someone to play with, my numbers were
Agreed with you on 216 and 67, as well, who looks almost exactly like my friend’s young horse :grin: I mostly just went down the photo column and picked anything I would like to go feed in the morning lol

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I would obv need to see the walk, but this one grabbed my attention. Can’t tell if it’s the angle of the shot or a something wonky with the near hind, but that’s a great looking backside.

Might be just a tiny bit sickle-hocked, not the worst conformation flaw. I’m thinking that there’s some unflattering distortion in the angle of the photo, because the RF looks really tied in and LF appears back at the knee.

I’d be a little hesitant about those long pasterns, though.

I admit I’m a sucker for a big, beautiful butt.

What did D. Wayne say about looking at horses? Hips like a washerwoman, head like a princess? That always works for me.

Got to see them move, though. Conformation shots can be very misleading.

longer pasterns but at least he has great feet to stabilize the leg. not often you see a TB with that much heel.
I believe there is a video of that one walking

I always wondered if some of the “slower” ones, that sell for under 20,000, with light -lacking much black type-pedigrees (assuming no funky xrays) would make hunter/event prospects…considering the price of young event/hunter prospects going under saddle. (And here the xrays have been paid for by seller…)

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Well, my choices were consistent :rofl: All mine were $20,000-40,000 or withdrawn from the sale. Outlier was #216 that we agreed on at $150,000. Oh well. That’s why I don’t get paid to pick them.

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they probably would.


Sales questions…
I don’t think I’ve paid much attention to this sale before.
Are the numbers typical of this sale?
Number of horses entered, quality of entries, sale prices…
Or are they above/below normal?

I believe they reported that they are running below the sales average compared to last year.

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Liking this colt, hip 463.
He looks a bit immature in the photo, but his walk video is really nice.
I’m a sucker for a nice OB
Hammer at $220k

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MRH Complexity colt is coming up.
He was bought for $85k as a weanling.
It’ll be interesting to see what they get for him

ETA: hammer at $57k

ouch! But still a handsome boy.

It would be an interesting business model, instead of importing (a fun one if you were using other people’s money!)

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