Mine That Bird in the Dust Bowl Days Parade

At 16, he’s still got it!

Be sure to click on the WATCH link to see him being a thoroughbred in the presence of all those easy-going quarter horses.

He was probably wondering where the starting gate was.

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Ah, yes! The TB version of the sedate, flat-footed walk.

How it brings back memories!


What a neat little horse and a happy guy too!


Note that when asked to match the QH flat footed walk when the parade slowed, he happily obliged.

What a nice retirement…Birdstone is hamming it up for tourists at Old Friends. They both won the retirement lottery.


That’s a great little video. I went back and read his Wikipedia and watched the Derby again. I’d totally forgotten that he came from the very back of the field to win, so much so that the guy who called the race didn’t even see him until the race was nearly over. Then he was second in the Preakness. Calvin Borel, his rider for the Derby, opted to ride Rachel Alexandra - she won, but MTB was coming on very strong and he was second only by one length. And then third for the Belmont. What a cool horse!

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Yes, I just saw Birdstone at Old Friends. Looked hairy and happy.

He might not have been so antsy if there were a couple horses behind him. Looks like he was the last with one horse fairly near.

Very nice to see him being ridden and out and about. He’s such a cool horse. Definitely a star!