Mini Donkey!

Tony is now a gelding! Our vet had the time. Poor little man. His neck will be sore from vaccines and his back end is sore from gelding. He’s a little fat and has an underbite, but otherwise checks out.

He was much better behaved today. I tied him, brushed him, picked up both front feet and touched his back legs. I’ll keep touching his back legs, but we’ll wait to pick out his hooves until he heals up. I looked at his feet while he was down and they aren’t too bad.


Well, if his neck is sore and his back end is sore, he’s probably going to be too sore to stand up and wave to you. Things even out. :wink:


The barn I’m at has a mule. She came semi-feral and now loves people and is a sweetheart. She’s the one I let the little kids pet on. These donkeys/mules are really smart and learn quick that humans are nice.


He is better today. We had to take his ball toy away for the first 24 hours, but he has it back now. He rolls it to the fence so we can push it for him. Like fetching. I love this little guy.


They are the best. I have a hard time getting things done, including riding since my arena is only like 12’ from their paddock… If Odie isn’t banging on the gate, then Argie is trying to goad him into a game of keep-away.

I agree tho, I think you may have a small standard or a mini bred to a smaller standard produced Tony. He looks big for a baby mini. My adults are 31’’.


I think he’s already 35 inches. He might top out at 40 inches, which is the height of our Shetland. The vet says he’s six months old, by the teeth. so, he was weaned early, bottle-fed, and sent to his first owners at five months. They were happy to hear how well he is doing.

Okay, I stink at estimates. He is in the arena and the horses are far away from him, so I guessed wrong. He is only 27 inches tall. He might be a mini.

I’m going to contact a donkey rescue about getting him a friend.

The Jenners, do you trim your mini’s hooves? I have a friend that wants to teach me. I do our sheep, goats and cows. It sure would be easier to save on farrier bills. The horses and pony? No. I don’t feel comfy.

This-- along with the loss of his free choice oats and alfalfa will go a long way in helping to get him to stop biting and jumping on you.

He is adorable.


I would recommend keeping your farrier for trims, but you will save as donkey hooves grow slower than horse hooves. I get my mini donkey trimmed about 3x/year.

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Thanks for the input!

Just came across this thread, what a wonderful story.
Tony looks, like our rescue lady used to say, “adorable!!!”

Glad that you know what to do and he is becoming such a nice sweetheart.

Some years ago, a friend found one morning someone had dumped almost two dozen donkeys in his pasture!
The sheriff was called and no one could figure where they came from.
It took him two or three months to get them all sorted out, trained a bit and placed.

As someone said, the best gift we can make to our pets is to train them so all their lives they will be assured a home where they will be loved.

Tony looks so very cute in those pictures.
Bet your kids are happy you gave in that one morning at the beach.


Noooooo :laughing: I pay out the rear for it.


Oh, he was bottle fed? I’m glad to hear that you gelded him right away. Bottle feeding an intact male critter is usually a recipe for disaster… especially if said male remains intact as an adult, and is never taught manners.
Be consistent and firm, teaching him not to jump on you. That behavior is Not Cute. The mini donk, however, is adorable.

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Tony is being very good. No jumping and the biting is already better.


You nailed it! I’m sure they let him jump up on them while they bottle fed him. We had a few orphan lambs last lambing season. You have to be strict about them keeping all four feet on the ground. We kept two wethers as pets and they are perfect gentlemen.

Oh my goodness…this little man is completely endearing. He is not nipping anymore. The jumping has also stopped. He will steal a glove out of your pocket and run away, though. He is so playful and sweet.


We went for a walk yesterday and he did great. He also spent some time as a yard donkey. I popped in the house to ask something, and he walked right in. The cat we are pet sitting did not approve.


@moonlitoaksranch Ruh-Roh.
Yard Donkey?
Nope, you now have a House Donkey!
& He is adorable :heart_eyes:


Haha! I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s taken their donkey in the house. Our redbone coonhound expressed his disapproval VERY loudly.


That’s excellent. I wonder, will he expect it now? Will he want to share the couch and the chips? Oh dear…