MIPS helmets for round heads?

Hello! Please forgive me if this has been asked, but what are your favorite MIPS helmets/skull caps for a round head?

I wear a 7 1/2- 7 5/8 size helmet. A recent fall in my Charles Owen MyPS has me looking for a replacement. I have never been in love with my MyPS so am looking to see what might be a better fit. I’m interested in the Champions as I heard they are better for round heads but a lot of their MIPS models are listed as being for oval heads.

I loved my Tipperary Sportage for years but when I tried the Tipperary MIPS helmet, that seemed to be more oval. My local tack shops don’t have a ton of options to try; I’m planning on going to try (and buy one if it seems a good fit- I like to support my local shops when I can) a Trauma Void, OneK, and hopefully the newer Charles Owen models (like the Halo).

Any suggestions would be much appreciated! Bonus points if the recommendations have a washable liner, are a lower profile, come in navy (in addition to black), or have fun details :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance!

One option would be to order MIPS helmets to try on from Riding Warehouse. They send a return label with every order so you can send back what does not work for you.

I personally believe you need to try a helmet on for the best and most comfortable fit.

My life was saved by a Tipperary Sportage last year. While I loved, loved, loved that helmet, their MIPS did not work for me for ventilation in the hot southern summers. I would have bought another Tipperary in a heartbeat, if it worked for me!

I ended up with a UVEX Exxsential. Great fit, tons of ventilation, and lightweight.


Thanks! I do have that as a possible plan but shipping from RW to me always seems to take ~10 days so without ordering 5 and trying them all at once, it could be a long process.

Glad to hear good things about the Uvex- that has intrigued me as a good schooling option.

The Trauma Void EQ3 is round (the Lynx is a little more oval), but it is a bit shallow so be aware if you have a deep head/tall forehead then it might not be the best option.

There’s a Facebook group that has loads of info for all the MIPS models, and most of the manufacturer reps are on there so it’s a great source of info: https://www.facebook.com/groups/893956017680266

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Some of the Champion ones come in round. Dover carries them now i think. As far asi know they aren’t making the trauma void anymore.

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I’m in the oval head category. The IRHs, Ovation Protege and Tipperary Sportage all fit me well. The only MIPS helmet that looks to have LOTS of ventilation is the Uvex Exxsential, and it is very reasonably priced at $159, so I got it early last year. However, I got jumped out of the tack (read: slight whiplash) and the helmet slipped back enough that I’m afraid it wouldn’t do it’s job if I fell. I’ve been riding for decades - thought I knew what a good fit feels like. It has the dial fit, but unless it’s painfully tight, it slips if I sling my head. For the first 6 months I used it, I would’ve sworn it fit. Now I’m starting over in my search. Thought I’d try the CO Halo, but most sizes are on mfr. recall due to some sort of defect/concerns. Ugh…


I’ve got a very round head and the Trauma Void EQ3 fits me super well. It’s quite comfortable. It does have a washable liner and comes in navy!


OneK has a helmet with MIPS, here’s the link. They have a system on the helmet that allows you to put some details on it and I think you can also swap them out too. I have a OneK without MIPS since they’re one of the only brands that seems to fit my round head. The liner is removable and machine washable, I have two so I can always have a clean one. I tried the Trauma Void EQ3 but unfortunately their round version was a little too oval-y for my head.


I didn’t know about the swapping details system! Definitely puts it higher on my list :slight_smile:

I’ll check out that Facebook group as well. Thanks everybody!

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I just bought a Trauma Void and I love it. I tried on several OneK helmets, but not the MIPS one, and I seem to be between sizes so none of them fit. For reference, my head is 57.5 cm. I got the Trauma Void in a 58, because that’s what they had, and it fit better than any other helmet I tried on, however I do think a 59 would fit me better since they run small. I’m not sure if my head is more round or long/oval, but I’m guessing round. The Trauma Voids are hard to find right now- they seem to be out of stock everywhere. There is also a bit of bling on it, which I wasn’t expecting but have found I really like despite being previously adverse to sparkles and bling. It really did not show in the photos.

SmartPak will also let you return at no cost.

I bought the Trauma Void EQ3 as a Christmas gift to myself this year. The local tack shop has a number of them in stock but only in black. This is my first MIPS and being a rider of a certain age, I felt it in my best interest to have as much noggin protection as possible. It’s really comfortable, has a replacement liner, plenty of ventilation ports, and has a little bling as well. It was a good price too.

Just a note - that’s not a replacement liner. There are two differently-shaped liners for the EQ3. One is round, and one is slightly more oval. You can tell the difference as there is more padding along the sides (where the sides of your head will be) on the oval liner.

Oh okay. Thanks

Just an FYI: Stateline Tack has the Tipperary Windsor for 30% off (free economy shipping) in the 3 colors and all sizes. I can’t vouch for the shape since I haven’t gotten mine yet, but I figured it was worth trying for that price! They warned that delivery can take approx 10+ days, but that’s not an issue for me.

As someone with a long oval head, the new Uvex mips helmet and the normal OneK are both too round for me.

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Update- I was able to try a Charles Owen MS1 Pro skull cap and love it. I found it’s much comfier than my MyPS was; whether that’s because the MyPS had had one too many knocks and was internally damaged or because it’s just a different shape to begin with, I’m not sure. Both were the same size ( 7 1/4).

The Uvex Existential came tonight and feels horrible on me. By the time I crank it tight enough so it doesn’t slide around, my forehead hurts like crazy so back to riding warehouse it goes. I really wanted to love it; it’s be a great option for schooling especially at the price point but thinking about stuffing that on my head daily just made me cringe, especially when I directly compared the comfort/fit to the skull cap.