Misoprostol Powder Administration

I have a text in to my vet, but I figured I would ask the hive mind of COTH for tips and tricks as well.

I have been administering Misoprostol powder to my horse 2x per day, hidden in a sticky bun treat.
10 days in, my horse has gotten wise to this trick and is now refusing to eat the meds in the treat.

Other than mixing the powder with something and syringing it into him orally 2x per day, does anyone else have any luck or successful tricks to get these meds into him?

I already paid for and used a good bit of the Misoprostol in powder form – I really don’t want to have to pay for it again in paste form. But the barn staff also will not/cannot be trusted to mix meds and give reliably 2x per day.

I’m wondering if I could pre-mix the powder with applesauce, and leave a few day’s worth for the barn staff to top-dress on his feed. Not ideal, but it’s the only thing I can come up with.

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Any chance you could sprinkle his grain w water so the powder would stick and he’d eat it? That would never work for mine, but I know it does for some.

How about applesauce paste? It will mix the powder, and then he can’t refuse. But don’t limit yourself to apples! Horses also like pear sauce, plum sauce and all that other sauce!

When I was giving miso I mixed with peppermint coffee syrup and dosed with a syringe.

But you could try the coffee syrup in his grain. It’s a lot more shelf stable than applesauce at least. Pancake syrup is another popular one.