Mistaken identity

I read the forum without logging in. It keeps me from seeing Off Topic and CE and prevents hasty posting and replying to posts that are better left ignored, all of which are good for my mental health. :grin:

However, this morning, when I checked the forum, I discovered that I was already logged in as another poster. I’m now logged out of that account and logged into my own, so problem solved, but I wanted to let the Mods know just in case it wasn’t just some weird random glitch, but rather an indication of some wider problem.

That has been previously a problem they now thought fixed.
Thanks for reporting it is back, I think the @Moderator would want to know.

any thread can be Muted …just go to the bottom of the thread where is usually will say Normal, click on that then select Muted… thread will disappear

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Thank you for reporting this issue! We did think it was resolved, but I will forward the informative along immediately.