Misting system for horses?

Does anybody have suggestions for a misting system to cool horses?

This summer is shaping up to be perfectly ghastly, and I’m considering a misting system to help keep my guys cool. I need something that doesn’t require electricity, so no fans. What brands have you used, and what did you like/not like about them?

a low pressure system that is commonly used in the restaurant industry for outside diners is made by MistyMate (theses are available at the big box stores)

High humidity makes these low pressure misting systems less effective since the cooling is caused by evaporation

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Years ago I tried one of the cheap hose things sold at Lowes. The horse HATED it and it leaked and was a mess. Plus we have pretty high humidity here and like Clanter said it probably would not be as effective as in a drier climate.

I tried it but it just made a slick mess. And it’s too humid here (middle GA) for it to really work.

We had misters in the mare motels in Arizona and that did help in the summer.

I used a variety of them over the years, here in Ocala. My vet recommended it for my old gal who had heaves. Even in the high humidity, the microfine mist cooled the area down. Yes, it got messy.
Best one was a strip of misters attached to a T shaped post - 8 or 9 feet high, so it made sort of a curtain. My friends had that one. I just attached the strip to the top fence board, since I only had one horse who needed to stay under it.

I hang these along the outside of my barn, facing out to each attached paddock. It is connected to a hose timer, set to go off for ten minutes every hour. They last about a season until they get clogged and the nozzles need to be replaced (at that price, I just replace the whole system). Easy and low tech, helps with flies too. I’m in a relatively dry climate though, so YMMV.

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