Modified at Seneca or MCTA?

Never been to either but wondering what the better venue would be?

I’ve done both several times. Both are all 3 phases on grass. Both have their share of SJ rails. IMO MCTA xc is a bit bigger but not terribly technical. It does have a funny looking coffin early on. Seneca varies more–I did a soft modified there and one that had IMO a couple questions that were pretty prelim-like, but the jumps are rarely max size.

No personal experience with Mod at either but FWIW my (much more knowledgeable) coach has said that MCTA would generally be considered the stiffer one. Not sure I’ll feel ready yet but we have discussed a Mod move-up at Seneca or MDHT #2. (I’m thinking fall Seneca personally!)

I’m running training at MCTA, then modified at Seneca. I’ve run at both, and I think Seneca (historically) is a smidge softer.

Thank you for the thoughts!

Yes, curious to know what the coffin is all about? I was looking at last year’s results and it seems like half the division either had letters or stops?

IIRC the coffin is off a turn to an upright rail in, down to a ditch, then a wedge out. There were some trees around/in the swale toward the ditch. It’s early in the course, turning away from home, in a spooky area.

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I was hoping to find a pic of the coffin… because I had one at one point. @Beam_Me_Up 's description is accurate. Seneca’s Modified is not the softest thing either, but I agree it is more inviting than MCTA (historically). MDHT I and II are always great events, but you never know what you’re going to get on the difficulty! I have done very soft AND challenging courses there.

Fun fact I learned last year! Modified’s colors are blue and orange because the person who was the driving force behind creating the new level had their farm colors as blue and orange. If someone knows this person’s name please chime in!

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I believe Mike Huber pushed for creation of modified division and fairly sure blue and orange colors of his Gold Chip Farm