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Modifying a fly sheet

Any good tips? I am not a great sewer of clothes (fancy needlepoint sure!)…but I have this Shire, who is allergic to bugs. Already maxing out the Zyrtec and repellents. The problem is he takes a 94" sheet and has the ultimate in a bull neck. I finally found a 96" sheet. The length is great, but the sides are the same length as the 74" my pony wears as is the shoulder area. (why, why don’t they modify the other dimensions when they lengthen them???). He looks like an adult wearing a kid’s superman cape… So I have his old 90" which I was stuffing him into with the addition of baling twine. I think I could add a belly band (the new one doesn’t have it), longer sides, a neck, and an extra chest flap by hacking it up. But what would be the best way to attach all of this?
Velcro? Sewing machine?

I generally send out my sheets for repairs because I want to reserve my home machines for cleaner items so take this with a grain of salt -

If it’s a heavy-duty plastic fly sheet, you would likely need an industrial sewing machine. If it’s a soft mesh one, you can do it with a regular domestic machine. Velcro would still need to be sewn on; the adhesive-only Velcro would likely give up quickly with dirt and grass in the environment.

If this is a long-term horse and you are absolutely sure the sheet is the right solution, I’d only use Velcro at attachment points he could get caught on and very securely sew (flat felled to avoid scratching) everything else.

I’ve done fly sheet repairs on my heavy duty home sewing machine. But what you’re describing sounds like a lot of work. Maybe check with the Turtleneck fly sheet people - I think they’re a smaller company and might be able to make something in the size you need.

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Is it mesh? Like with holes you can see?

I’d take some waxed thread and a needle and just hand sew it together going through the holes like a kindergarten project.

Especially if he’s still growing! If he’s done, and this is his final size, can you just have a sheet custom made for him?

(And have you seen this one? https://www.sstack.com/schneiders-mosquito-mesh-ii-adjusta-fit-fly-sheets/p/45696w/?toggle=45826&sku=45826%20BLU88&glCountry=us&gad_source=1&variant=true)

I’ve done repairs on a Kensington plastic fly sheet using a Speedy Stitcher thing. My repairs aren’t pretty but the Speedy Stitcher did the job.

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Oh bother!! That was out of stock when I looked earlier in April!
It does seem like it would a lot of work, I have to admit…
He is remarkably gentle on his sheets for a young, still growing horse. I might try some velcro, a speedy stitcher, and all that nonsense. I hate practical sewing.
Or maybe I should just buy Another sheet. What does one do with all the no longer fitting ones…?

I mean, there’s always the “buy more horses that will fit into them” idea…



I send things like that to Middleburg Tack in Middleburg, VA to sell. They are very nice to work with.

Depending on how “used” they look I sell or donate them

I have a Pfaff with which I have sewn blankets up to a 300g winter blanket. First I would open the '90 sheet flat on the floor. Measure how much you want for the sides, using a black marker mark the sides. Now, which is most important, the belly band or neck? Again measure and allow for seams. Now you can see how much you have left. If you have to add an extension the chest it will work better if you add to both sides, this will be a bit more work, if you are working with a typical blanket I suggest inserting the extension before the buckles, back up from the buckles about 2 inches, cut straight off, add your extension there. that way you don’t have to mess with buckles.
Remember it doesn’t have to be pretty just functional. Good luck.
I have made neck pieces and closed them with Velcro, very easy, less fuss that attaching buckles. It is a good idea to attach a look to the whither portion of the neck blanket so you can attach it to the blanket so it doesn’t ride up the neck.

Is this the one you bought, or would it be another option. The price is right.

Rugged Ride Soft Mesh Standard Neck Fly Sheet with Leg Straps: Chicks Discount Saddlery (chicksaddlery.com)

Here is another option

Fly Sheet lightweight (mydrafthorse.com)

Where are you located? If there’s any Amish within a 100 miles I would take it to them and hand off the problem. They may even be able to make you one that fits.

I have a Janome HD 3000 that handles blankets, etc. pretty well. One thing many don’t realize is that many industrial machines are NOT designed to handle heavy fabrics. The shirt you buy at Target or Wal-mart was made on an industrial machine. There are industrial machines and there are industrial machines.