Moldy Feed Warning

To those feeding Triple Crown Senior. We’ve been feeding Triple Crown Senior forever, I became hesitant when Purina got involved years back because of past issues with their other feeds but had no problems since so have continued. Our recent purchase of 200lb. of TC Senior contained moldy chunks 3"-4" in size. The feed we purchased was dated Sept. 14, 2021 lot BC-S4.05.12.21 11:24 and was from Tractor Supply Co. who offered to exchange the feed which I declined or refund.

After calling a non TSC feed store in the Albany, NY area within 30 miles of the TSC to see if they had the same distributor, they did in Guilderland, NY. The feed store insinuated that because the feed was purchased from Tractor Supply Co. is the reason it was moldy. The date given me from the feed store from their bags was the same as the date on the bags we purchased from TSC. They may not come from the same lot but they came from the same distribution location center which may have come from the same plant.

I am now seeking a new high quality senior feed not made, handled or distributed by Purina. Suggestions welcome.

I have gotten moldy feed from TSC but it was Nutrena. This was a few years back and I do not purchase feed from TSC anymore. I don’t remember what the manufacture date was on the feed but it was not an old bag. I don’t think the TSC warehouses do a good job storing feed.

Was the feed from the other store moldy? That would be the best test to see if it was Purina or TSC that was at fault.

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That’s a TSC issue, not a Purina milling issue.

I have gotten a moldy bag from my TSC, who is supplied by the same mill as my 2 (now 1) local Southern States. I’ve bought WAY more TC products, including Sr, from SS than TSC, and have never once encountered any damaged goods from SS

Some TSCs are terrible in how they store and rotate products.


Triple Crown does not actually manufacture feed, what they did was develop the formula for it and claim it, period. I also feed TC Balancer to my other horse and have not had any issues it but I will watch it like a hawk until I find something comparable nutrition-wise.

I didn’t get far enough into conversation with the man at the other feed store so never had a chance to ask the lot #s on his supply, only the date. He didn’t mention there were any mold issues or not. I suppose it remains to be seen if there are others.

Read the following article if you can follow it, it’s confusing to say the least. Though it’s from 2018 I doubt much has changed but a name here and there.

On ocaission in the past I’ve been unable to get the TC Senior from numerous suppliers, TSC and other feed stores because of delivery issues during the pandemic so in a pinch used Nutrena ProForce Senior. Similar in formulation, texture, etc. I am considering it now but would like to know who manufactures it. After reading the attached article above I’m not sure who makes it though.

I would absolutely blame this on TSC. Their stock handling practices in some stores are … suboptimal.

I bought a bag of a different feed from TSC and a bit later thought “Hm, why is the feed warm?” when I scooped it out. Yep, moldy and fermenting in my metal trash can. And no I didn’t leave it out to get wet or anything.

I have never had an issue with TC Senior. I do not buy it from TSC.


I have gotten moldy feed from TSC many times. Just take it back, they will refund or replace.

It’s one of the reasons I prefer southern states over them if I have to use a big box feed store


I purchased a bottle of Lubrisyn from TSC which had a “sell by”date a year old! I didn’t notice it until I got home. I returned it for a refund.


ProElite Senior is pretty comparable to TC Senior. NSC of 12.9 vs TCS 11.7.

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All that means is that Cargill stopped milling TC feeds, and TC switched to Purina milling plants.

It meant that TC products were available to a lot more people who could use the Purina shipments to get the products in, which is when Tractor Supply was able to start carrying TC.

Formulas didn’t change. The physical equipment changed, the order of some processing changed, and that is the case anywhere there are multiple mills that don’t use the same equipment in the same order. This means different mills could supply feed that looks a little different.

But feed can also look a little different when the color of ingredients change. Not all beet pulp is light gray, for example.

And textured feeds that use whole beet pulp shreds can look different depending on whether it’s the start of the new beet pulp harvest (larger shreds), or the end (lots of “dregs” of more pulverized sheds.

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Cargill mills Nutrena feeds. You would want to find the local mill and find out if they are ionophore-free, or only ionophore-safe. You can call Nutrena and they can tell you what mill supplies your store.

ProForce Sr is higher NSC than TC Sr, 18% vs 11.7%, though the 8% starch isn’t too much higher than TC’s 6.4%

Thanx all for the input, I will research further for more definitive information.

I’ve had a number of issues with feed of different brands from TSC. It’s not a TC issue, it’s poor feed management at TSC.


Your mistake is buying feed at TSC. They are not known for their ability to rotate stock or to remove products that are outdated from their shelves. Heck, this time of year, you are lucky to find a bag of feed in a TSC store that does not have grain mites on it.

That is not to say there could not have been an issue with a particular bag or lot. As someone who spent 15 years selling feed for major manufacturers I have seen a lot of things, and it happens. It is not a perfect manufacturing process.

BUT, Triple Crown is one of the best, if not the absolute best, feed company to deal with, hands down! Call their customer service, report what happened, and return your bags to TSC expecting a full refund.


My landlord keeps picking up Triple Crown Senior from TSC. Every bag has been moldy or bug ridden or unusual in texture and odor. Meanwhile I’ve had no problems with my Triple Crown Senior from the feed store. Definitely a TSC issue. I’ve had the problem with all brands of feed from there.


Totally agree this is a TSC issue. Can’t even count the number of times feed there has been covered in grain mites or moldy. Not a surprise–have also seen wrapped pallets of feed sitting outside in the POURING rain.

Apparently some Tractor Supply stores are managed well, but I’ve never seen one. They’re generally staffed so poorly that any decent manager runs for the hills.


Are you reporting this to TC each time?

My local TSC has a good staff and I’ve not had any issues with their feed, but I only buy forage products and dog / cat food. This TSC doesn’t stock TC products. The local feed store a mile up the road does though and pre dates the TSC.

I have bought TCS at other TSC stores and have experienced quality issues at multiple locations

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I just bought a bag of TCS from TSC (lol), but am not sure how to interpret these dates:

I’m in Texas so doubt the batches would be the same, but still. This bag was harder and lighter in color than the previous one, but is not moldy or dry.

I think the first number is the milled date, ie when it was made and bagged. Not sure on the other.

I also blame TSC before TC, I have seen the trucks show up in the middle of the night and unload on the dock and leave, regardless of weather. Just sayin’.