Monocrown headpiece replacement

Welp, if you saw on the affordable dressage bridle post, I am/was (tbd) a big supporter of Eponia bridles. Unfortunately I broke the headpiece and am waiting on Eponia to get back to me about having any spare headpieces that they could sell me. In case they don’t come through, can anyone recommend brands, outside of Collegiate and HDR, that sell replacement monocrown headpieces?

Arion sells an ergonomic headstall independently that looks very interesting.

Still a big fan of my Eponia. It’s five years old and counting and still looks brand new.

Oh man, I had a non monocrown from Eponia, the Frost bridle, and the quality was decent but I wanted a cob noseband. The bridle was full/WB but I had just sold my Warmblood and everything fit my PRE but the noseband. So I contacted them to see if I could buy a cob noseband. I specified which bridle it was for and that it was a not a monocrown. They sent me a noseband for a monocrown. I sent them a photo of what I needed, specified again, and returned the noseband. I was then sent another noseband…for a monocrown. So…same mistake twice. I bought a noseband elsewhere, but ended up finding a bridle I liked better and sold that one anyway. Blew me away that they didn’t know their own product nor did they listen to the customer.

I hope you have better luck.

I did get a nice monocrown headpiece from Bridle2Fit awhile back. When I search for a headpiece here, at least, a lot of results pop up so i think it’s becoming more popular to sell individual pieces.

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I’ll second Bridle 2 Fit (B2F) - their whole shtick is customizing whatever bridle/piece you want. That would be my first stop (I think the shipping from Europe is a little slow, even if you use a US distributor as they don’t keep it all in stock here, but maybe that’s changed now).

Bridle2fit it is! Just ordered one from one of their US resellers. I really do like the quality of the Eponia bridle and that I can switch flash to no flash without the little leftover tab. I did find they were actually quite easy to deal with when I needed to switch out the noseband (we’re smack dab between cob and horse size), but I can’t justify buying a whole new bridle from them when every other piece is still in fine shape. Thank you, all!