Monoflap / girth question

I need to buy a girth to use with a monoflap saddle. Anything special I need to take into consideration?

You won’t want one with a lot of extra leather extending past the buckles, because they will interfere with the flaps. If the billets are fixed in place, I would think a girth that has some “play” in the buckle orientation might be a good thing - like the pressure equalizer style where both buckles are on one piece of material that slides through a D on the girth. Really depends on the saddle though - I have a Black Country Vinici and a Pattrick Leggero, and there is a lot more leeway with girth length on the Patrick, whereas with the BC I need to use the exact right size pretty much.


I have a Schleese monoflap and for the last 10 years have used this girth. I also use a fleece cover over the girth.

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What girth do you mean?

Ovation Gel Body Form Dressage Girth

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Thanks. The link didn’t show up originally, hence my confusion.

I have monoflap Wow saddles and use pretty much any dressage girth the horses like.
As others have said getting the right length is key. With Wow you also want to avoid any elastic as in combination with the flair panels it can make the saddle unstable.
My boy’s current favourite is this

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