Monomoy Girl Retired Due to Injury

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Good decision. She’s had enough injuries.

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I would agree other than a bit of a bust for all the people who bought in on her as part of the MRH lease and saw her run twice winning the Bayakoa in February and coming in second in the Apple Blossom in April. I would agree she should be retired as she has had a career most owners can only dream about. I know buying into a racehorse is a risk; what this has taught me is if you’re gonna buy into a horse that is actively racing, should be a younger horse no older than 4.

non-displayed fracture of the sesamoid bone in her right foreleg

No surgery required but at her age, a career ender.

Happy dates in her future, I am sure.
I hope she can reproduce quality

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She’ll be living at Spendthrift but no breeding plans have been announced yet.

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they have a couple of months yet

What a mare! 17 starts, 14 wins. Her 3 losses were seconds, one on a DQ, one by a nose, one by a neck. She was so much fun to watch.


And, no surprise, will be going to In Mischief.

She left Churchill Downs this morning and arrived at Spendthrift a few hours later.

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I figured a mating to Into Mischief was Spendthrift’s plan when they bought her last fall. Very sporting of them to send her back to the track for another season.

@LaurieB, a question about breeding. I’m watching America’s Day At The Races right now, and a commercial for Cloud Computing just aired. Well done and undoubtedly not cheap to produce.

Are breeders influenced at all by sire adverts?

No, not really. Those commercials are glossy “pats on the back” for the stallions and beautiful promos for the farms where they stand. But by the time the decision is made to breed to a particular stallion, a breeder will (or should) possess much more info about the horse than an ad can convey.

In most cases, a breeder will have already followed the career of a stallion that interests him. He/she will know the horse’s pedigree inside and out. He will have also seen the horse in person. So once all that due diligence is done, there’s little more for a commercial to do besides remind people that the horse exists.


Thanks, that’s exactly as I suspected!

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