More over the top western pleasure outfits!

Have you seen the latest outfits? Now they have created jackets with zip off sleeves to convert to vests. They are like the transformers of show clothes!

Oh and these must have at least 100,000 crystals on them - Gorgeous!!!

I also saw they have a contest in here on page 19 to win $1000 in prizes - who wouldn’t love that!!

Very Michael Jackson-esque!

Definitely NOT my cup of tea. I prefer a western look for western events. A little bling is okay, but that’s way over the top. Also, on page 36 and 38/39, what’s with the rider leaning back in the saddle reaching way forward and down with straight elbows? What’s the world coming to? :lol:

I think the red one is definitely a THRILLER :lol:

I for one love the bling - but I am also very aware it doesn’t make one a better rider :slight_smile: I would rather have the best horse in the ring than the best outfit - but if I win the lotto I want both (That’s not too much to ask for right…)

I have a couple of friends who have teamed up to make custom outfits. Unreal. Here is their latest that is almost finished.


I sort of love them and sort of hate them. Its so Liberace and Cher and Dolly Parton all in one! But I have a secret desire to have to have one to show in… at least once…

It’s the heels up, toes-down, slouched back non-rider look, don’t you know anything? It goes perfectly with the my-horse-looks-crippled-at-the-canter look.

I actually like the idea of being able to remove the sleeves and change the jacket to a vest. Rail classes want a different look than classes such as horsemanship and trail, so not having two completely different outfits makes sense to me.