More Than Ready (Now RIP)

He’s one of my favorite stallions. Here is a nice look at him for those like me, who have to admire from afar.


Oh! I saw the title of this thread and thought “no no no” - thinking it was bad news.

My husbands heart horse eventer (jc Cleveland Sound) is by More Than Ready. And last Christmas he gifted me micro-shares in Miss Sakamoto, also by More Than Ready.

Then we spent 3 weeks in KY for Landrover, the Derby and my BIL’s wedding. During that time we went to WinStar to see More Than Ready.

Hubby’s horse is a bright bright chestnut so it always startles me to see More Than Ready’s dark bay coat.


I also thought it was bad news when this was posted…

But I guess it was prophetic because he passed today. :cry:


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Oh, hell. :worried: Was he PTS?

I read he was euthanized due to cumulative effects of old age.

RIP beautiful boy. :broken_heart:

They must have known it was planned, and that was why they ran the article about him. It seems like too much of a coincidence (and there’s nothing wrong with that IMHO.)


I wonder how many mares he covered this year? He was obviously a great sire, and losing him just as the season was over his very, very sad. Run free good boy!

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My husband had tried to book the tour for 2 years but couldn’t as they were closed first for covid and then for Keeneland. He’s so happy we made it this year.

He was 25 and likely retired from full (or any) duty. Glad his people took such appropriate care of him in such a dignified manner.

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Actually, when we were there they told us he was still breeding and said it was unusual for a stallion of his age but he was particularly virulent. They did say the was retired from traveling to the Southern Hemisphere.

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It looks like he finished the season, and then was euthanized. I am curious as to what his book was this last season.

RIP, More than Ready.
I don’t see a report yet for 2022 but he covered 121 mares in 2021 in KY which is quite a feat. I believe he shuttled until 2020.

Wow. Doesn’t sound like he gradually declined from chronic conditions as so many do.

I am wondering if it was something like laminitis or cancer. Something sudden onset that became an immediate quality of life decision. Very sad; he was very loved by those who looked after him.

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I am sure he will be missed. When I visited some Lexington horse farms last July, one tour guide was a stallion manager who had recently had the stallion for whom he was responsible pass. He was visibly moved when he spoke of the horse’s passing.

I imagine that it is possible to become very attached, as the contact can last the length of the stallion’s breeding career, which can be much longer than a racing career.

Condolences to MTR’s people upon their loss.

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This is true, once you care for a horse it becomes “your” horse even if it belongs to others. LOL of course there are a few nasty ones you are not necessarily upset about seeing them leave.