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Mortality Insurance

Let’s talk insurance…mortality primarily. Who are you using? What do you like or dislike? Things to consider or be aware of? Let’s hear your thoughts!

Back in the Day, I used a local broker whose brother was a local BNT.
When she left the business, she passed me on to another company I used for years when I was showing Hunters & horse was being shipped (commercial) frequently.
Sorry, can’t recall the company, but agent was savvy enough to suggest things that saved me money.
His recommendations:
Insure my TB for Pleasure use when I cut way back on showing.
Insure DH’s TWH as Eventer.
We did fewer than 4 shows/Events annually.
Both made use of statistics to get lesser premiums.
% of TBs insured for Pleasure use.
% of TWH Eventing.
When my TB hit late teens he advised dropping insured value* & when he reached 20, drop all insurance.

*I called mortality coverage Replacement Cost & as horse aged, couldn’t provide the documentation - training expenses, show records - required for the higher value

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Oh, interesting! Thanks for your insight!

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For mortality coverage in the USA, there’s not a huge difference between the actual coverage offered at different carriers. There will be small variances in the amount of free colic coverage that is offered, and the rates might differ a few tenths of a percentage point here or there. Some insure through 20 years, and others stop at 18. Some carriers are starting to limit what they’ll offer on certain uses like eventing, or on certain breeds. Beyond that, the real difference between plans is in the medical coverage, and that’s where an agent can help navigate the choices.


I just had a pleasant experience, in a very unpleasant situation, with Great American.


I had a very positive experience this spring with Markel. Difficult situation including injury, surgery, brief shot at recovery, then euth. They were lovely to work with for both med/surgical and mortality claims in what was obviously a highly unpleasant situation. Smooth process, very competent and compassionate people.

Years ago I also had a good experience with Great American. Horse at the time was desperately ill with colic, in ICU, the vets & I reviewed euth criteria if he didn’t turn around. It was Friday afternoon and I thought I had better call GA and find out what was the euth approval process was, in case we had to make the call over the weekend. I had already made them aware of his ICU intake, as one is supposed to do.

The lady was very compassionate and reassuring that there would not be a problem with GA and told me what to do. She called me Monday am to find out how things had turned out, really almost a personal call, not one she had to make as she would find out anyway through the process. Horse did live. Came home about a week later with a whole new appreciation for life.


One thing to keep in mind is that if you lose the horse you will have to validate its insured value with cancelled check for purchase, as well as show record etc. They will happily let you pay a premium for a pre-determined value, but won’t necessarily cover the full cost if you can’t justify the value when it comes time to collect. Also, Smartpak covers 15K, no questions asked, if you spend about 50$ a month on one of their selected supplements.

Interesting! So if the horse was injured during the year & had no show record that year, then they might not pay the insured value in case of a mortality claim?

Also, Smartpak covers 15K,

that is for surgery only it is not mortality coverage

ColiCare is a free program that provides up to $15,000 in colic surgery reimbursement

The Smartpak program is included with a subscription to a particular packet of monthly digestive supplements. The horse can’t have had previous colic surgery and I think there are a few other health conditions

I’ve had horses insured through Bascule & American Reliable, and I like both a lot. Like someone said, premiums are basically the same across the board. The difference is Major Medical, Medical Assistance, Age, what they cover (Bascule covers Wobblers, which I believe a lot don’t cover) and on. Bascule has a lower premium on MM but has a 20% co-pay, where my American Reliable horse has a higher premium, but no co-pay. You need a good insurance agency that goes through multiple providers so you can shop around.

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