Morton Buildings

Anyone have them? I’ve always liked them but the rep for Virginia is nearly impossible to get in touch with and he responds late when you ask any questions regarding the barn designs.

Is there a comparable building that has better customer service?

There was a thread about this in December. Maybe you can find something there that helps you?

We just had a friend have a Morton building built and it was a nightmare. And he’s still waiting for them to fix several problems. I had always thought they had the best reputation until knowing our friend’s terrible experience first hand. We’ve crossed them off our list.

Agree here. And I have one that I love. I’m in Texas. Am considering a move to another state and the Morton guys there have my plans but I won’t be calling them first for sure, based on other people’s experiences.

Got quotes from all the big pole barn vendors in my area (5 in total). Morton was 3x the cost of all of them. Needless to say we went another route and were pretty disappointed with their arrogance.

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Around here (southern Maine) Morton has always had a reputation for high quality buildings for people with plenty of money. You see them here and there, on farms with really nice houses and plenty of pasture. I audited a clinic in one and what caught my attention were trusses holding the roof up. Lots of them, closely spaced.


Rather than focus on the brand name, just pay attention to the materials
–how close are the posts/how many trusses?
–what size post-- 6"? 8"?
–what gauge steel for the wall?
–what is the wind and hail rating for the roof?

Those are the things that will drive cost way up or way down, and in general you’ll find Morton buildings use more materials and better quality materials than the cheaper pole barn kits. Whether it’s excessive or not is debatable. Your local building codes are a good way decide what design features you really need because those codes take into account the climate stresses that your building will face.

–what size post-- 6"? 8"?

the few Morton barns I have seen do not use a traditional solid wooden post, they laminate 2 by material into Laminated Wood Columns which could be less costly. These could be assembled using shorter less expensive boards. Also these columns could be fabricated on site reducing transporting cost

I have a Morton barn. It is high end, with all of the finishes. It has four stalls, a hay storage area, a wash stall with a heater, a bathroom/laundrey room, and a large heated tack room. It has a rubber brick aisle and a drain in front of the wash rack and the stalls. It has 12 foot overhangs on both sides of the barn. I love the barn, have been here for four years, going on 5 and have TRIED AND TRIED to get Morton out here to do some repairs. They called me back once, but then haven’t returned calls. I am still trying. I would love to get the sheet siding and pay someone else to fix it. I will never have another Morton barn because NO CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Not impressed - at all.

Several years ago (well, more like 8 years ago now that I think about it!) I wanted to get quotes on a building a barn. I couldn’t get anyone to return calls or emails after the automated ‘Thanks for your interest, someone will be in touch shortly’ automated reply. Zip, nada, nothing for the almost 6 months it took me to research and plan my barn. It’s a shame because the built structures I’ve seen are really nice, but not nice enough for me to put up with chasing people for information.

This was in central SC, if it matters.

We experienced the same no customer service from Morton and have moved on to other options.