Mosquito Dunk for Small Automatic Waterers

We have two automatic waterers and they have turned into breeding grounds for mosquitos. Even emptying and refilling them once every 12 hours is not enough. I did a little research and came across mosquito dunks. Are these safe to use in a body of water as small as an automatic stall waterer?

I have been putting a 1/2 dunk in a mesh bag in my Ritchie automatic waterer for the past two years. I change the dunk every 2-4 wks. Part of my regular fly/mosquito strategy!

might check your city (if you live in one) here the mosquito dunks are provided at no cost to help control West Nile in humans

I use the Mosquito Torpedos, good for 90 days wet, in our wet places lIke the swale aND drainage ditch. Net bag to keep trabk of it is an excellent idea… Available at Jeffers Equine.

Have not tried them in small places, but safe for animals. They do not float or break apart like the dunk types, last lots longer. They will dry out if the water goes away, reactivate when wetted again. Overall, I think they are a better buy for the money.