Mountain Horse Boots

Hi! I have been looking at the Mountain Horse Soverign boots for a while, but am not able to find much information about them. If any of you have used them, how do you like them? Do they run true to size? How much do they stretch and drop? Finally, are they worth it? Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

I have the brown pair and love them. I have always been an Ariat girl but tried these on and fell in love. I would say they fit true to size and are very comfortable.

I didn’t have that particular kind, but I had another kind of Mountain Horse and I loved them. I’d still have them now if I hadn’t gotten the zipper stuck on a sock and ended up having to cut myself out of them :no:
It was a sad day.

I don’t have the Sovereigns but my last 2 pairs of schooling boots have been Mountain Horse. Love the boots themselves. But both pairs (different styles) have had issues with the dye coming off. And with this newest pair (Fiorentias) the dye started coming off almost immediately. And I do clean and take care of them. So not sure I’ll be buying them again as with the dye issue they look pretty sad/worn very quickly

I have the brown Sovereigns and like them a lot. They’re very comfortable and fit well.

They broke in quickly and run true to size. The drop was minimal and consistent with other zippered boots.

I’m not sure about the durability. I’ve had them less than a year and am already seeing a lot of wear, particularly on the inner calves.

I have the brown sovereigns and love them! No issues with colour fading so far, but I’ve been riding in them for about 4 months. They are soft and broke in easily. Not much drop.

I would say they run a little big - I wear a 6.5/37 in other brands, and these only came in full sizes. I went down to a 6, which fits perfectly (like my 37 Tredstep Donatellos). The 7 was gigantic.

I have the brown Sovereigns as well, and I love them. I will agree that they run big. I have a 7, and I’m usually a street and Ariat 8-- sometimes 7.5, but never 7. I also went down to slim from regular despite the fact that I am a regular calf by their size chart. The regular was too loose, and I’ve never been a “slim” in anything. They’ve held up well, and I’m not overly precious with them. I do alternate them with half chaps.

I also bought a pair of black Fiorentina dress boots from TOTD a while back. While they’re okay, I don’t find the leather as soft and don’t like them quite as much.

I should clarify that they run true to Mountain Horse sizing. I agree it can be ~ 1/2 size larger than other brands like Ariat. I think it’s about the same as Tredstep.

I have two pairs- brown and black- and love them! I have a really tall, slim calf, and this was the only boot that fit me without needing to go custom or special order a size (that was also in my price range, which did narrow the pool a lot). I will say, I like the black ones a lot more. The brown ones are certainly very pretty, but I don’t think the quality of leather is the same as the black ones. They’re holding up just fine and I school in them almost every day, but the feel isn’t quite as nice as the ones I keep on deck for shows. Both dropped a little but not a ton. Overall, great boots for the price.

I have the brown pair as well. I haven’t really ridden in them much, but the leather is quite nice and they broke in really quickly. I do agree about the sizing, I personally had to go up a foot size in order to get them tall enough.

Like lmlacross, I’m a 7.5 regular in Ariats, but sized down to the 7 slim in the MH Sovereigns. I have the brown ones and I love them. They are fairly narrow for me (I have a wide foot), and the toe is a bit longer (i.e., there’s empty room up there) than I’m used to, but they are gorgeous on. It’s a very elegant look. Ca’n’t beat them for the price.

I have the brown Sovereigns. I find them a bit big; I wear a 7 in everything and could have probably done a 6.5 in these. I haven’t had any issues with the colour fading or dye bleeding. They are very comfortable, and are holding up well. I don’t take every good care of them, and they still clean up beautifully. I’ve had them for almost 2 years, ride one horse 5 - 6 times a week and they still look pretty new. I’d recommend them. The price is right and they are an elegant look for the price. I get lots of compliments on them.

I have the Brown Sovereigns as well and I too find them a bit big. I wear a 6 off the rack and these have more of a European elongated toe. Love the look of them and there’s no break in needed. They just feel big on me. :frowning:

Ive had mine for 1.5 yrs - I have the brown Sovereigns - and I love them. I use them almost daily for schooling (about half the time I ride 2-4 horses) and there is certainly wear on the calf area but I find that is typical of any boot. They are extremely soft leather so I don’t expect them to last for more than 2-3 years but they’ve are comfy and not as expensive as others so I don’t mind. There was practically no break in time and definitely no blisters or anything like that. They dropped maybe .5-1 inches. Sizing was very big - I bought a 7 when I wear a 8.5 street shoe. I got the regular calf but probably could have gotten a slim as they are quite loose on my calf but I don’t mind. I highly recommend trying on first.