Moved to Los Angeles Area Looking for Hunter/ Jumper Barn

Hello ! Moved back to LA and am Looking for a nice H/J barn with trainer supervision for a non- showing adult. My boy and I both need to get back in shape. Living in the San Fernando Valley.

Really appreciate any recommends and suggestions…

Where in LA? Los Angeles is a huge area and unless you like sitting in traffic, you need to narrow the location down for good advice.

Shoot, there was a thread recently on this with some great suggestions.

i board at Flintridge Riding Club and I love it there. Plenty of people who don’t show.

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Also, it would be helpful to know which part of the valley. You might be closer to LAEC or The Paddock, but if you’re in the West valley, you’d have a lot of choices in the Moorpark area.
My friend loved riding with Silent Partners and trainer Chris Land.

Up in Lakeview Terrace, there’s Middleranch. I don’t know the trainers there.

Hacienda del Valle used to be Middleranch North but has a new owner who is really upgrading the facility. I know one H/J trainer there, Deirdre Davis.

Found a thread:


Anee Churchill at Futurity Farms in Calabasas is an excellent rider, trainer and person.

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@Bristol Bay Thank You sooo much for the response, really appreciate it. I am in Sherman oaks. Think I need to go to a few barns and check it out, see how they feel. A barn is so much more to me than just the trainer, the community of horse people at a barn make it or break it. LAEC may be a bit busy for me… My boy is coming back from an injury and needs nice footing, flatwork & turnout space, and I need time in the saddle …

@dmj - Awesome, Anee’s name was told to me just the other day.

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Anee is great! Also m, if you’re willing to drive a little farther north to Santa Clarita, Julie Conner-Daniels at Eclipse is fantastic.

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@AndNirina - Thank you so much. I will check her out. Super appreciate it.

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Anee is as good as they get - and such a nice person as well. Good luck!

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I know this is an old forum, but i highly disagree with her being an “excellent person.” I rode with her through high school when she was still in Bell Canyon and after college. This was before she moved to Acres West. Something quite horrible happened to be from and employee of hers. I dont want to go into detail here. She may be a good trainer/rider, but I think calling her an excellent person is really debatable. I had known her for quite a long time.

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I don’t know anything about LA (I’m on the opposite coast) but I have some friends who have ridden with Kelly Jennings at Cellar Door Farm and raved about her

I’m so sorry that happened to you, and wanted you to know that you are heard. In my experience, Anee was exceedingly kind and caring to both me and my horse that was in her care.

I guees it takes years for someones true character to come to light