Moving their 7 Dog Rescue from WA to Michigan, driving Rt. 80-got barn?

Grey Muzzle Dog Rescue is relocating! Big job. I am posting a soft request from one of the drivers here: They have a route that includes dog friendly hotels of course, but still… Wonderful dogs, all of them. You can look up Grey Muzzle on FB for the whole story.

Hey all… I’m about to embark on a dog rescue drive from Orcas Island, WA to Lambertville, MI. We’ll be taking 80 most of the way with 7 dogs in 2 vehicles, I’ll have at least 4 in my van. Just because it’s winter, if anyone happens to be along this pathway, and has a barn or a garage we could use as an in case of emergency back up plan I’d be grateful.

I have a tendency to over prepare but the dogs are priority so it can’t hurt to put it out there. Whatever you believe in, cover us in the best of it! We can take all the good thoughts you can throw at us.
The drive begins the first week of December, ETD to be determined! Thanks everyone for all your support!