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Moving to Boulder Colorado

Hi everyone, my horse and I are moving to Boulder and we need a good saddle fitter for English and Western. Any suggestions? I also need some recommendations of patient and competent trainers who are able to help me to convert my insecure former dressage horse into a pleasure/trail horse. Thank you in advance!

Well I can’t really answer your questions but the place is also known as “The People’s Republic of Boulder.” Despite that, it is not the place for the light of wallet. There are a lot of people there that have a lot of money. Trust funders and such. Lots of great restaurants and shops. There are things to buy there that you never imagined you needed. Home of CU (The Buffalos). Great rock climbing, skiing, and hiking. Beautiful place.

@ad_sarasota welcome to the area! Most people around here use Jen from Happy Horse in fort Collins. Mostly English but she does Western a bit too I think?
Also for Western saddles and fittings, look up Saddle up in Longmont.

As far as trainers for a trail horse, I’m blanking for the perfect fit . You might try Tabitha at Medicine Horse in Boulder. I know she does a lot of trail riding. She does a lot of bitless work just FYI.

Other trainers that work with insecure horses are Sean Davies in Erie and Zak Maytum in Firestone.

”‹”‹”‹”‹”‹ Good luck.

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I second saddle up in Longmont for a western saddle for sure. English, I’m not too sure about anyone in this area though. For a trainer, maybe check out Liz at Wildsong ranch? She does a lot of natural horsemanship/ trail work but I believe also has a dressage background. She is also very pro barefoot + pro bitless riding so that may not be your cup of tea.

Good luck and welcome to the area!