Moving to Charlottesville/Shenandoah Valley area

I’m trying to narrow down some areas to look for our next farm. We need to be within 3 hours of Elkins, WV. I’ve been looking from Cville to Staunton and up to Harrisonburg. Ideally, we would like to be within 45min or so of either Cville or Harrisonburg. Good ride-out trails are at the top of my priority list, so which areas should I be focusing on? I do lower level eventing and can trailer out for lessons, but I don’t want to trailer out every time to trail ride. I know there are plenty of trainers around Cville. Is there a big weather difference between Cville and Harrisonburg? Any other tips are appreciated!

If you can afford C’ville,buy there.
I went to college in Staunton but we rode at Theodora Spitzer’s now the stable for Bridgewater. Weyers Cave.
All the guys I dated at UVA rented dependencies on those beautiful horse farms around C’ville. And I got to visit the horses at Lewisfeld.

Try this FB page - they list some great properties - Homes & Farms in Virginia

What are your thoughts on Staunton?

I loved Staunton and its citizens but if I were choosing I’d buy in c’ville. More horse farms and a great place all around

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