Moving to Charlottesville/Shenandoah Valley area

I’m trying to narrow down some areas to look for our next farm. We need to be within 3 hours of Elkins, WV. I’ve been looking from Cville to Staunton and up to Harrisonburg. Ideally, we would like to be within 45min or so of either Cville or Harrisonburg. Good ride-out trails and conditioning areas are at the top of my priority list, so which areas should I be focusing on? I do lower level eventing and can trailer out for lessons, but I don’t want to trailer out every time to trail ride. I know there are plenty of trainers around Cville. Is there a big weather difference between Cville and Harrisonburg? Any other tips are appreciated!

You can have significantly different weather between Harrisonburg and Charlottesville. You could say there are three weather zones - the valley, the mountains and east of the mountains.

As far as areas to focus, I would say the SW-NW side of Charlottesville. They are still very much rural. There is siginificantly more development NE and East of Charlottesville.

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There are a bunch of farms around Scotsville, outside of Charlottesville. Not sure pricing or availability of the land there though

Do you know anything about the Staunton area?

Not in detail. It seems it makes the local news for crime more than the surrounding areas. It seems to have more than its fair share of drug busts which might be because it sits at the intersection of 81/64.

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Outside of Staunton, there are some beautiful areas. I have friends in Middlebrook who love it there and a friend who raises cattle and horses near Bridgewater. Breathtaking views and lots of open land.

It’s a little cooler over there in the summertime than on the C’ville side of the mountains.

Worth a look, I’d say.

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