Moving to Germany & looking for a Dressage barn near Ramstein/Landstuhl--Help!?

Hi All!
I’m hoping there are some military riders or military-spouse-riders out there who can help. DH & I are moving to Germany (thank you, Army!) next summer, and we hope to take our horses with us. I’m over in Germany now doing a little research on housing and thought I’d look at some barns while I was here, but…boy, are they difficult to unearth!! :concern: The handful I have found are jumper barns. We’ll likely be living very close to Ramstein, and I’d like to keep the horses within a 20-minute radius of home. Does anyone know of any Dressage barns and/or trainers in the area? Any help at all would be so appreciated!

The dressage barn I went to was in Bad Nauheim (we were stationed in Friedberg which is no longer a US installation) and that would be too far for you. And it was also 10+ years ago so REALLY not helpful.

I’m a military spouse and I know a couple dressage spouses. I’ll ask around and see what I can find out. If you haven’t been to Germany before, ENJOY just loved our time there and in England.

Thanks, phoenix…That would be a bit of a trek over to Bad Nauheim! I really appreciate you asking around. This place is just gorgeous, so the prospect of having our horses over here is really exciting and I hope we can make it work!

There are a ton of places around here that have great dressage trainers. Are you on Facebook? There is a group called Horse Lovers in the KMCC. That Facebook group has a list of English speaking trainers, or PM me and Ill give you some more ideas.

I am a bit out of the loop these days, but there are riding clubs all over the place, Kaiserslautern has at least one.
There used to be a guy in that area, a great rider, but not too kind. Moreso to the horses than the riders, but rather rough in his barnside manner, not sure if he is still working though.

But dressage is the basic over there, so most barns can accomodate you.

Google for ‘reitstall’, ‘reituntericht’ or reitverein.

I’d be happy to look at their webpage for you if English isn’t an option.

Thanks!! I sent you a PM and also requested to join the FB group. You guys are awesome!

Thank you, Alagirl! Knowing which words to look for on Google is turning up a few new spots…although I may have to take you up on your translation offer at some point!

I lived in Ramstein for 2 years and went to HS in Kaiserslautern. I don’t know about riding there but you sure are reminding me of the wonderful time I had there! I am envious!

I was stationed at Ramstein and kept my horse at a barn in Landstuhl about 20 years ago, it was nice, but no private lessons and nothing in English. I did buy a English to German equestrian dictionary at a tack store in Kaiserslautern and that helped. I enjoyed the riding club and the huge quadrille and riding exhibition that we rode in during the Christmas season. Went to horse shows and the big auctions. Loved the experience.