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Moving to Virginia: Looking for Vets, Farriers, Hay Sources

I’m posting for my good friend who is moving with her two horses from Indiana to Gloucester County in Virginia. My friend and her DH have rented a cute little cottage with a barn and pasture space until they can get settled and begin building on their property.

This will be my friend’s first time with having the horses at home so she’s looking for insight on sources to get good palatable hay in addition to good vets and farriers in the area. Also if there are any farriers or vets you would recommend staying away from–feel free to PM me if you don’t want to post any of these names.

Thanks for any and all replies. :slight_smile:

Bumping this thread. Is nobody familiar with the Gloucester County area?

I lived in Williamsburg 25 years ago. Its across the York River from Gloucester. My only contact is Tara Best with Stonehouse Stables in Toano. Give her a ring for ideas. She is first class and would have some ideas for that area. Good luck, Gloucester is beautiful!!

Thank you for the advice, SLW. Is it just not a very popular area of VA? Hard to believe that nobody else has had any ideas. Whenever I see a thread on here about VA there’s usually tons of replies. Is Northern VA just more popular for horses (I’m thinking of Middleburg, Leesburg)?

I’m sure its changed some in 25 years but way back when the Middle Pennisula (Gloucester and inland) was the step child to the other two pennisulas. We use to show over there and once or twice fox hunted in the area. It use to be rural with farming and fishing. Yorktown gets a lot of attention due to its history. Hope you like Virginia, there is lots to see and do!

Ahh, I see. Thanks SLW. I wish I was moving to VA but it’s in fact my friend and her husband–she just doesn’t have an account here yet and I said I’d post for her while she was on the road with her horses!

It’s a beautiful area, but I don’t think it’s a very “horsey” area. I am not familiar with hay suppliers nor vets in Gloucester. Many people on the southern portion of the peninsula where I live use Dr. John Sangenerio (and associates) with Dominion Equine Clinic out of Suffolk. He is highly regarded, so that might be a possibility.

Good luck to your friend!

When I lived there Gary Doxtater (sp) was just strating out. No idea how the years have treated him but if he is still there that is one place to start. Tara would still be my “go to” for recommedations. She shows at a nice level and is native to the area.

Good luck to your friend! Coastal Virgina will be very different from Indiana. :slight_smile:

I believe my farrier, Joe Cuthbertson, does that area. He’s great!

I ride in Williamsburg, and we use Dr. Doxtater and his partner, Dr. Lee, with Tidewater Equine for local stuff, and I think they go to Gloucester but your friend would have to call and ask. For haul out, we go to Woodside Equine in Ashland, VA. They are full service, including colic and other surgery. Can’t help with farrier, don’t think the one we use goes that far.

I am in NC but often have to use the Equine vets out of Virginia. I use Coastal Equine out of Chesapeake. Some of my friends use Dominion Equine which is in Suffolk Va. They both have good reputations.

Thanks for all of the replies, everyone! I will be sending the link to this thread along to my friend.

I live in central Va (Richmond area) a good hour away from Gloucester. Not familiar with vets, farriers, hay contacts. There is a riding club in the area called Dragon Run that has a website and may be able to offer so suggestions. Another source of info is Virginia Equestrian website.

I board my horse in Gloucester. As for vets, we use Tidewater Equine based out of Williamsburg. Dr. Lee and Dr. Doxstater. You can use Pine Meadow Equine in Yorktown as well, I know Dr. King comes to Gloucester. For hay, we have gotten decent hay from Southern States in Town. Maybe after they move their horses and get familiar with the area, they can find a farmer to get hay from locally, but Southern States does get decent hay that they sell. Dominion Hay in Smithfield, has great hay, but not sure if they will deliver to Gloucester or not. Might have to drive to Smithfield, more then an hour away for hay. For a farrier, we use John Visner. Do not have his contact info but anyone at a tractor supply in Gloucester or at Southern States should have leads on farriers and vets. There are several that do come to gloucester. A local ad that is for virginia only is VirginiaEquestrian.com. They have a classified section for hay and farrier, maybe they can find some leads from there. Gloucester is very rural and many have horses and cattle so it shouldnt be hard to find someone. Good luck!

Thanks for the additional resources, guys! My friend has her horses staying overnight at Mountain View Equine Hospital before making it the rest of the way to Gloucester tomorrow. From what I’ve heard, all has gone smoothly thus far.