Mr Blue

Anyone know where his semen is available? If there is any left?
I am well aware of a few of his sons standing at stud, but am currently on the quest to get him.


Who are the sons?

Plot Blue and Zirocco Blue VDL come immediately to mind.

Thank-you. Of course, I was thinking NA and couldn’t think of one.
Interesting article. I have heard that KWPN is very interested in the bloodlines being preserved so I bet the semen would be very hard to get a hold of 11 years after his death.
This boy came to mind but it is his dam sire

There is a 4 yo stallion, still to be presented for approval, that is Mr Blue x Concorde at the farm where I keep my mare and foal… Will be interesting to see where they decided to present him and how he does in competition.

The stallion Bosch Blue is in Canada, he is a Mr. Blue grandson, on the dam’s side.

That is a very interesting pedigree on that horse. Keep me updated on him and what registry they put him for. Have they decided on a name?

Yes, I have been searching for a little while and haven’t been able to find any. I figured he must be being kept, but thought I would ask in case anyone knows where I could get him.