Muck Boot Co. winter boots

Has anyone had a pair of older Muck Boots develop a leak or get a hole that you successfully repaired?

I have an old pair that does, and I’m considering repairing it with Shoe Goo (which I’ve read really works). However, there’s a Black Friday sale at our local farm store and I’m tempted to buy a new pair. The new model does look like it has superior traction for ice, and some other supposed improvements. At the same time, I also think that new stuff is rarely made to the same quality that original stuff was! So, despite that my old pair does have a hole in it (a Corgi puppy bit through it!) maybe I should be smart for once and just try repairing, and not go there with purchasing myself a brand new pair for Xmas.

Anyone who’s dealt with this with their winter Muck Boots care to comment? :relaxed:

Buy the new ones and put them someplace out of puppy reach. Repair the old ones. If the repair doesn’t work, you have the new ones that you bought on sale. If the repair works, then you don’t have to buy another pair for a long time. OR, you could try returning the new ones to get your money back if you are confident in your repair.


Thank you for the suggestions! I need hand holding when it comes to purchase indecision for sure.

(As an aside… the puppy belonged to the farm owner and it got out of the house and was running around the farm while I was out riding a horse! The boots were in the tack room.
And no… said farm owner did not offer to pay for my newly ruined Muck Boots.)

Beware. Corgi puppy (my own) chewed up my old war horse winter Muck Boots toward the end of last season. Bought a new pair and the sole unglued within a month. So disappointed. Merchant did replace it but I’m not optimistic. They just look poorly made compared to my old ones. I’m Black Friday shopping for an alternative of anyone has suggestions.

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If you have an Original Muck Boot Company pair now, and even if the manufacturing quality control has slackened off, a new replacement pair will still be head and shoulders above competing brands.

I wear the boots in the winter, and the shoes in better weather year round. The only time I wear anything else on my feet is for riding, doctor and dentist visits and the rare non-equine social gathering.

My average replacement time is about 5 years, usually because the sole starts to separate. But I have no dogs.

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I hate Muck boot brand boots and won’t buy them any more. My husband has had two pairs and the sole has fallen off on both sets! That and they are horribly slick on wet grass.

Last purchase was a different brand. I’ll hate to check which one and it is not slick in the grass and the soles have stayed on!

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Ponycatraz- By all means don’t tell us what boots you got! :upside_down_face: :thinking:

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lol!!! I was going to put it in and then realized I couldn’t remember what brand they were!

Got home and checked. They are the Rural King Brand - Lincoln Outfitters. He has the Men’s Bayou Neoprene Boot.

Found a pic online, but the whole bottom of the boot foot and sole seems to be molded out of one price so no sole separation.


US Footwear Holdings LLC is not the Mom and Pop company they portray themselves as

The company was a holding of Honeywell but was recently been resold to Rocky Brands

Rocky Brands’ CEO has stated "“With the acquisition of The Original Muck Boot Company along with XTRATUF, Servus, NEOS and Ranger brands, we will greatly enhance our powerful portfolio of footwear brands and significantly increase our sales and profitability,”

Profit is not a curse word but to obtain increased profits on a mature product usually is obtain by either increasing the price or decrease the quality


Ponycatraz those look like serious boots!!!

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Oh man! Another one bites the dust and sells out! :woozy_face:

I’ve only had them for a couple of weeks so can’t comment on longevity, but I scored a pair of DryShod Artic boots at Equine Affaire for only $99 and really like them so far. They seem much sturdier than my Muck Boots, which didn’t last a year before one of the seams split and they are no longer waterproof.


I have no experience with them as of yet, but Dryshod is a new company started by a founder of the muck boot company. Supposedly he branched off due to quality control issues.

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I just took a look. They’re $170 (and there’s no price difference between the mid boot and the high boot)

And look almost exactly like Muck Boots!

Can I throw in a positive review for Bogs? I just bought my second pair (first pair finally sprung a crack after ~ 10 years, though did not live anywhere with heavy winters so I’d say light use) and I like them so much I’m buying a third pair (2nd pair is only ankle height, 3rd pair to go up the calf). I have found them to be so warm and waterproof I think I’m committed to these for winter. They are supposed to be a little better quality than Mucks (though I have never worn Mucks so I can’t comment on the comparison).


I bought a pair of the Muck Boots last winter. They fell apart in one week

I had been a loyal Muck Boot wearer but when the quality started to slip (big cracks all along the heel and the sides, soaking my feet), I switched over to DryShod and am extremely happy with them. Still on my first pair of Arctic Storms. Initially I didn’t like that they were a little shorter than the similar model of Muck Boots, meaning it was easier for snow to come over the top of the boot when you had to wade through really deep stuff. But I got over that. They are sturdy, warm, and durable. I think I’m going into my 3rd Vermont winter with them now. Very happy with them.

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My Muck’s came apart at the foot also. I ended up replacing them with a much less costly boot from Western Chief. Insulated, sturdy, great traction, mid calf. I use them for everything outdoors, all seasons until my feet get too warm. In the muck in the garden at the barn wherever. Knock wood they’re showing no signs of breaking down. I’ve had them ~3 years now?

I started buying the ankle boots from Noble Outfitters. 2 pairs in, and they get cracks where your feet bend them, so this time I bought Bogs. So far, I really like them. Here’s hoping they hold up!

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I’m a BOGs believer. Even though I got discounts on Muck when they were owned by Honeywell, I stuck with my BOGs. They last a couple years a piece, with heavy wear (both barn and hunting).

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Do you find Bogs run narrow? I ordered a pair and they were too tight on my slightly wide (not a true wide) foot.

They were a pair of casual booties, not barn boots, that I tried.