Wondering if anyone has done any trails with a mule? Any experiences or training advice.

I bought a 5 year old belgian mule shes 15hh and hoping to eventually start her under saddle. Shes had a rough start so we are taking everything very slow.

i have two mules. Both rescues. The big one came with serious issues. I’m not getting aboard her unless i get the feeling we can both enjoy it. Right now, one year after adopting her, she’s finally my good friend. But that has taken a year! She was raised well, but landed in three successive bad homes. And her history is having successfully bucked off three [professional] mule ‘trainers’. I think it’s a good thing she finally has an R+ female owner. If all she ever does is grace my pastures i’ll be perfectly fine.

The other one, omg…he’s the cutest, smartest, most agreeable trail mount in the whole world. Perfectly safe. And as loveable as they come. EVERYBODY who meets him loves him…and he just loves people. It took awhile to get a good saddle fit, eventually trailered him to southern missouri to a custom mule saddle maker. (crestridge). Before that i was hacking him in my ole trustworthy Thorowgood T4. But, after that saddle going halfway up his neck when we were going down a steep hill, and then another day, on a flat trail…just sliding round his side and under his belly, (with me ending up underneath him!)…and him standing stockstill!! i bit-the-bullet hand had one made for him.

He was 5 when i got him from the humane society, i had him greenbacked there. He started off like he was born knowing how to be ridden.

I think the main thing with a mule is they need to be your friend. They’re very loyal and do not forget anything. (Or be dead broke and ridden to death–thinking grand canyon trail riding mules)

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Ditto the above. With longerears, it’s all about positive reinforcement. They have a lot of self preservation, and don’t like to do things that they deep are “busy work” or have no purpose. So, you won’t get far with a long ears by endless lunging. Just go down, reward often, and gain her trust, and you will have a friend for life.