Multiple pets and one cat jumps the fence

We have three cats and one dog. There is a pet door that lets them out into a large fenced in yard. One of the cats likes to jump the fence and roam about the neighborhood. We don’t want him doing that but don’t want to restrict yard access for the other pets. He is microchipped and wears and ID tag, but we would like him to stay in his yard. He was previously feral until we got him about a year ago. We did not teach him to use the pet door, but of course he figured it out. He also knows how to remove the solid cover on the door. Any suggestions on how to keep him fenced in? Thanks!

Other than putting netting over the top of the yard, there’s probably not any way to make a formerly feral late neutered Tom cat stay home. Is he causing any problems by wandering? I would just let him wander. But then I grew up with outdoor cats that roamed the neighbourhood and into the bush. The toms roamed much further than the female cats.

There are many cat fencing methods and products out there. Affordable Cat Fence, Kitty Corral, and Purrfect Fence are a few to check out.

Thank you! We will check those products out. He’s not really causing any problems by being out, but we would prefer he stayed on our farm. He wears Beau’s Bells extra loud cat bells so he is not a threat to wildlife right now. Later on when there are baby bunnies and baby turkeys he will have to stay inside or in the yard. We met a very nice family today when we went to get him. He was already in their house and the kids loved him.


I saw a cat fence a couple of weeks ago. It has rollers on the top so the cat comes back down the side it went up.