Musical Freestyle Help needed

So I am working on one - IE have some possible music selected, most of the choreography done. Here is my problem: I have no equipment that will play music loud enough to hear throughout our outdoor but covered arena. Looking for suggestions as to what I could buy, at reasonable price, that would play cd’s and have good projection. First I want to get my horse used to music which shouldn’t be much of an issue, but also need to be able to practice the darn thing when all the mixing, etc is finished.

Can you just play it on your cell phone and carry it will an arm band?

I have an old one of these CD boom boxes that works fine in our covered arena.
Runs on electricity or 6 big D? batteries.
May work for what you want:

You presume that at my advanced age I have the technological capability of getting the music onto my android phone, :rofl: That may be one option though…
Am hoping for a solution where its loud enough that both rider (me) and trainer or others could also hear.


Wow, that’s almost exactly what I currently have! I have access to power so batteries not an issue. But I cant get enough volume to hear it even from rail to center line (our arena is about 5 meters wider on either side than the official ring).

Maybe the old ones were louder? :thinking:

They have loudspeakers you may connect to those also?

I bought a bluetooth wireless speaker that accepts a flash drive. I put my music on the flash and play it from there. Worked well.

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Paradox - can you tell me what brand?

I will check when I get home! :blush:

Okay, sorry for the delay. The one I use is a Lenrue wireless speaker. I like that it has the usb drive.

I used a mini iPod and a small portable speaker and carried them in a waistpack so my horse could hear too. I could not find a boombox that was loud enough.

Thanks to all for input: Here is where I ended up…2 JBL Flip 5 speakers, bluetooth. When paired with my Ipad I can play my musical freestyle choices to see if they work. Also one bluetooth adapter for my old CD player which will then be able to talk to the speakers - so that I can play all types of personal favorite stuff to get the beast used to music in general.

Android user here- I had my music on Google drive as well as burned to cd. Google drive automatically synced when I was home on the wifi, then I could open the file and play it on my phone at the barn. Didn’t have to buy speakers and I can listen anywhere, including in the truck on the way to the show! Added bonus, when the management’s cd player at the show didn’t work, I was able to just share the file to the organizer and she played it off her phone connected to the show’s sound system, crisis averted!

My husband got me one of these for my birthday last year and you can hear it all the way across an arena okay. Wonderboom 2 Bluetooth Speaker