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Mute feature, hidden profiles

Is there a way to mute posts where the user has a non public profile?


Click on your profile pic in the upper right hand corner of the page

Then your user name

Then preferences

Then click on the drop down that says “Account” and select “Users.”

From here you can add anyone to mute or ignore

Note that when you start typing a user name, a list of users will pop up. You need to select the user you’d like to mute/ignore from the list. It won’t work if you just type the name and don’t select it.

Be sure to to save changes :slight_smile:


This link might (maybe) take you straight to that user preferences page. (It’s specific for you, won’t work for anyone else. Other users can replace your username in this link with their own to go their their own preferences.)


Thank you Simkie :bow_and_arrow::heart: