Muted Thread returned

Yesterday I Muted a thread that turned political while not being in Current Events , as expect the thread disappeared from my view. However today that thread reappeared as “normal”

I have muted my threads as I had no interest with none ever reappearing

Maybe you should try that in English.


We moved a thread from OT to CE today, which was likely the one you’re referencing. I don’t know if moving Categories would affect the status of the thread in your settings, but I’m guessing that may have been the source of the issue.

Well… If it was on my PETA thread that now includes a discussion on docking dogs’ tails, then maybe " mutting" is correct :wink:

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Just to clarify, are you not aware that you can mute a single thread? Is that why you did not understand the question?

I can show you where that fun feature is, if you do not know, that is why I ask.

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yes I am aware that individual threads can be muted, as I noted I have muted hundreds of threads that I had no interest that was the reason for my posting here in Technical as a specific thread that was muted returned without me doing anything.

The Mods answer makes sense as the specific thread had turned political, I had flagged that thread with a statement that the thread had transition into a political commentary and after a period of time when it had not been moved I muted the thread.

One if they were following the rules of forum could not or should respond to the politically charged posts while that specific thread was in that forum

Not a big deal about the thread reappearing, but since it did there had to be a reason, Mod’s explanation made sense

I was asking Equibrit (see quote), who asked you to clarify your question. I assumed the only reason that your question did not make sense to them was because they did not know this feature existed.

I am happy to show them how it works if they do not know. It is a great feature.

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but OK alone is flagged as an incomplete sentence so needs an explain that I fully understand your answer, I only replied to your post since I was notified by the system

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This makes me laugh every time it happens to me (after I roll my eyes at it). It also does not things like YES!!!.

But a single emoji is enough.

Not necessary. The spelling and grammar needed help.
“I have mutted my threads as I had no interest with none ever reappearing”

well I am considered handicapped having dyslexia which is a persistent, chronic condition rather than a transient developmental lag that drove my grade school teachers nutty

As for mistaken usage of the proper English wording, sometimes the mistakes are intentional since I am aware that some on this board are driven nutty by incorrect usages, usually those are posters that target me anything that I post so I just target them in a quieter way.

My thoughts are, a person does not need to be able to use perfect written English to ask a question here on COTH and receive an answer.
It is sad that some people seem to want to get grumpy about that.

I am glad the mods figured out the problem with your muted thread.

I read the thread before it was edited but couldn’t understand the question. Now that I know Clanter does it intentionally to “target” people they want to annoy, I will keep manually ignoring them as needed. LOL