My cat is going to be 19 and having a party for her

Well Stinkerbelle will likely sleep through the whole thing : )
. I lieu of gifts I am asking those so inclined to donate to local animal rescue. Planning to serve Hot Dogs and litter box cake (as well as some classier food items). And play pin the tail on the cat. Any ideas on how to have a nice party for my cat are welcome. Anyone else have a cat birthday party? I know it’s kinda weird but I’m weird and so are my friends.


Because we live in a rural area with no close neighbors, “Pet Parties” were common for us when my kids were little —we did “graduation” parties when doggies graduated from obedience classes, complete with “senior pictures” --and “Welcome to the Farm” parties in the barn for new horses (carrot cake and all that). While we never specifically did a “cat party” --I like your ideas — suggestions:

Pin the Tail on the DOG –
A DOG Piñata –
Serve your hot DOGS with Catchup --bottle decorated like a cat
Catnip mice party favors
Cat-themed scavenger hunt

I think what made our Critter Parties well-attended and anticipated was the prizes that the party-goers won for the various games --prizes were NICE! Perhaps “guest bags” with a selection of cat toys and sample sized cat treats would be welcomed.

Miss those days.


If social gatherings are allowed where you are, I think a cat birthday is a wonderful reason to celebrate.

How about party favors for the guests that include cat stuff to take home to their pets? You can toss in a cat nip mouse and a baggie of cat treats, etc.

Make up fun cat themed names for the mixed drinks.

I googled cat themed hors d’oeuvres and lots of cute things came up, like this one:

and this one


I get a bunch of big grocery store sized or big compost paper bags and place them around the house. Throw in a new bag of pom poms, tin foil toys and mousies sprayed with cat nip spray and set out a few freshly grown cat grass pots.

I did this just last week and my house is still in shambles, pom poms and mousies everywhere! I don’t have the heart to pick up the paper bags because they’re still playing in them all of the time. They take a flying run from across the house, dive into the bags and ski across the floor inside of them. I have to pick everything up to vacuum and will put them back down for them.


Oh how fun!

Happy Birthday to Stinkerbelle! Love that name, lol.

Congratulations to Stinkerbelle! What a fun party plan! I love the cat hors d’oeuvres! I recently gave a kitty present of pom poms, and her cat absolutely oved them!

Oh paper sacks are the best!

Aren’t they!?

Six cats with Spring Fever playing in three paper bags…keeps me laughing!

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Happy (belated) birthday Stinkerbelle! What a wonderful age. What is your secret?

Our cats get their big day celebrated around Christmas when our barn clients bring them lots of kitty toys! we don’t know their actual birthdays…or even ages as they are all adult rescues, so instead as a family we celebrate their “gotcha” day.

I like scavenger hunts…we have lots of fun with those here at the barn!

happy birthday Stinkerbelle!

I’d ditch the cake; those really are gross. Maybe instead use Almond Roca to garnish ice cream or serve with coffee.

My cats suggest a vacuum cleaner piñata and recommend lox on mini-bagels. Hairballs on toothpicks (Costco meatballs).

Cat ear headbands or party hats. Masks with whiskers. I love the mocktails idea–Meowgaritas, Markaritas, Catails.

Commemorative wine glasses would be fun. One ridiculous game for guests is to give each a sheet of paper and a marker; blindfold them, and set the timer for a few minutes. Draw a cat without looking.

Congratulations Madame Stinkerbelle!

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OOOH - those all sound fun! You can come plan my cat party (or even MY party) when I throw one.
Could you muddle catnip with mint or even cucumbers or jalapenos for a Meow-jito? :rofl:

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Oh thanks so much for all these great ideas!!! She’s still 18 now, turning 19 on the 16th of May!

Congratulations! Good kitty.

Many of you may be familiar with the childs game duck duck goose. Well at Stinkerbelles party we are going to play cat cat dog!!! I actually love dogs too but Stinkerbelle did not grow up around dogs and considers them the enemy!!!

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