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My Colonoscpy Affects my MS symptoms

I had a colonoscopy yesterday. I am 72 and have MS and probably long Covid.

My difficulties started two days ago, when I had to severely limit my diet. I discovered WHY I eat tortilla chips all the time–when I could not eat them my pain increased a lot, with new areas of pain (mostly muscle pain.)

Then the day before the colonoscopy I was not allowed to eat anything after breakfast, though I could drink water and coffee. As the day went on I got weaker and weaker to add on to my increased muscle pain. My physical abilities and endurance suffered a lot. Doing the first part of the cleansing had me running to the bathroom frequently.

The day of the colonoscopy I had to do the cleansing stuff when I woke up. More desperate trips to the bathroom. Then I had to travel in the car for around an hour to get to the place where it was done. I had to stop drinking water after the cleansing (I had to drink a lot of water for that). When I arrived I was tired, my muscles were aching, I was distressingly weak, and it was hard for me to walk even using my two canes.

Then I had to walk to the door, then I had to walk to the proper room, and by the time I got there I was already declaring that I just could not do this again ever in my life, I am just too old and feeble.

Near of the end of the preparation I had to run to the bathroom, with no canes (they had been secured with my other possessions.) I hung onto my husband and the nurse as I crept slowly and tentatively to the bathroom. Normally I can walk pretty well without canes (without having to hold onto 2 people), I’m slower but nowhere as slow as I was yesterday. Watching me one would never even imagine that I can ride horses at all.

The nurses were great, and the doctor doing my colonoscopy stopped by, very sympathetic and calming. I enjoyed talking with him.

I managed to walk up my ramp to my front door, and I essentially collapsed on my bed. I was good for nothing the rest of the day.

This morning I woke up woke up hurting. My warm bath did not help much at all. When I got out I put Absorbine Junior on my aching muscles, then I layered on my Far-infrared Radiation therapy stuff, my Fenwick head band, neck gaiter, and shorts, plus my Back on Track neck dicky. I still hurt so I added the more “powerful” Incrediwear body sleeve and hat. After drinking coffee everything started working so right now I am reasonably comfortable though I can’t do much at all. It is nice to be able to eat food!

I am just too old and disabled to go through this again. In two days I lost 3 pounds, I’ve been exhausted, and I am way too tired to study Horse Anatomy, my latest hobby.

Luckily I REALLY LIKE talking to most medical professionals. I LOVE nurses and I make sure to tell them that! All the medical people were super nice and understanding, and one of the nurses called this morning to check up on me.

I never want to go through this again, it just cripples me too much for comfort.


I’m sorry Jackie. You would think they’d come up with better ways to take care of people with debilitating health issues.
Hugs to you.


I’m sorry you feel lousy, I get what you are going through. I hope you feel better soon. I’m one of those people who “less is more” when it comes to medical stuff. My body revolts to most medications or changes in regime and my arthritis will flare badly. My grandmother used to have to have a colonoscopy once a year and it flared her autoimmune stuff so badly she finally said “no more.” And before anyone gets after me about the importance of having a colonoscopy, I agree 100% that they save lives. My BIL was one whose life was saved by the procedure. My hubby is having one in 3 weeks.
Jingles that your body recovers quickly! Hang in there!


I am so sorry to hear that you had to endure a rough day because of a medical test. I hope you can rest up and get your strength back soon!


On my list of what I put on I forgot that I also put on my Fenwick and BOT t-shirts and my Incrediwear hat, all of which also helped a good bit.

The reason I was forgetting stuff was that among the stuff I was not supposed to put into my digestive system were my herbal supplements, among them the Ginkgo biloba which really helps me with my memory. My body was not totally happy with missing my herbal supplements!

I am resting today, because tomorrow, if the Universe cooperates I will get my riding lesson.


THIS! X1,000,000
I know there’s been a pill prep available for some years.
I’d hope other patient considerations would have also been addressed :confused:

JINGLING :chains::chains::chains: For you to get over this setback & back in the saddle ASAP!


I’m sorry it took such a toll on you.

I really struggled when I had mine six years ago. It was the only time I’ve done it (bad me) and I was a wreck the day of the colonoscopy. I was still going to the bathroom at the hospital and really struggled to get there without my shoes. Then the doctor was four freaking hours late. She never apologized, never said a word to anyone about it. Lying on a gurney for all that time did my joints no good.

Luckily my result was to report a clean colon, no polyps. But I don’t know if I can do this again. I’m due in four years. I had to do a similar cleanout for an abdominal surgery two years ago and once again had a very hard time with it.

At least it’s behind you now (pun intended).



Not me, @Jackie_Cochran had the problems.

Aside from gagging down quarts of nasty liquid prep, I sailed through & made a new friend: propofol :sleeping:
My 2nd & last I’ll ask for the pills :ok_hand:


I love propofol! I’ve had it for my colonoscopy, both cataract surgeries, and all three peritoneal catheter surgeries. It is magical stuff. You turn off, then a while later you turn on. Magical!



Jackie_Cochran- There is a new prep method approved by the FDA, it involves two batches of 12 pills each, with a certain amount of water. It’s called SUTAB. The pills don’t look too big, smaller than my Calcium pills and my Centrum.

However, I wonder how much of your weakness was related to the massive water and mineral loss from the pooping? And your inability to restore your salt and mineral balance?

I’m sorry you had such awful side-effects from your prep.

I love propofol! I had it for both bile stone/gallstone retrievals, and my colonoscopy. Great stuff.


I’m sorry that you had such a rough time. Hope you feel better soon :heart:

After watching the prep my husband went through years before I had my own fear-delayed colonoscopy, I did a ton of online research. I knew I couldn’t force down a gallon of water, let alone foul tasting liquids. It’s also very hard for me to go a day+ without eating. I’ve done it, but I’m pretty petite and it affects my whole system weirdly even without a true medical condition. When talking to the nurse about prep, etc. I said I wanted the SUTAB pills. She said it wasn’t covered by insurance, only the liquid prep was. OK, how much? $40. OMG, is that all ?! I’m happy to pay $40 to not gag down liquid prep. I also found a prep “diet” that an exclusive gastro center nearby lists online for their patients. I could eat several safe foods and Ensure-like protein drinks until the late afternoon the day before my procedure. I followed their directions and the SUTAB prep to a T, wasn’t starving, shaking or weak before my procedure (didn’t tell my gastro staff what I had done) and they said my prep was excellent. Why most people aren’t given the info I had to search for is befuddling. The “easier” prep is established and proven to work. Everyone told me the prep is worse than the procedure, so why not make it more tolerable?? I also hear people being out of commission for 2 days. I stayed near the bathroom Sunday evening, colonoscopy Monday @ 11am, home by 1pm, resumed normal schedule and back to work Tuesday. More people would have this life-saving procedure done if it wasn’t unnecessarily arduous!


Hope you are feeling much better this morning!


Are you a candidate to do the FIT test instead of going right to a Colonoscopy?

I always have polyps, so I have to go the colonoscopy route, but lucky husband just has to do the FIT (poop) test.

I find it really goes better for me if I can have the test in the morning, so I just do the prep the day before. I plan two days of being useless. I also make sure I have a batch of clear Jello and tea ready for Prep day.


I did the pill prep when I had my colonoscopy last year - my first, I have never used the liquid prep. It was still uncomfortable and I was running for the bathroom, also the second dose came up after ~1/2 hour. Fortunately, everything was still cleaned out and it turned out fine but it still wasn’t an easy 24 hours.

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I did get my lesson today. I got tired really fast, I just walked, my lesson horse did not object and I was able to walk back to the stable using my 2 canes.

I am still weak and tired, and I was not walking as well as I usually do after I ride a horse.


I’m glad you got a lesson, anyway! I figure walking in the lesson was better than not riding at all, right?



Rest Up! Hopefully you will feel stronger for next weeks lesson.


This is so timely. I just had my first one and used Sutab. Still not pleasant, but I did make sure I used a liquid iv hydration stick with my water, bone broth, ramen broth (in a carton), tiny spoonfuls of honey for energy and ginger ale during the liquid day. I was worried about minerals and salts because though I don’t have MS, I am sensitive to having those levels “off”. I’ve also heard of people using Gatorade (just no purple or red) and highly recommend it.