My Horse Encounters A Car Wash Inflatable Man - On Windy Day



OMG!! But pony was actually pretty chill about the whole thing :blush:

Yes you have to figure out what is scary for some of them.

Mine is pretty chill, I took him out on a gale force wind day, the 1 foot grass was waving like an ocean. Not a problem. So instead he shied at the old termite nests that were not moving and he passed every day - horses.

I led him to the wash bay at an Event and coming back he acted scared, of what?

I decided in the end it must have been the camp chairs. Silly duffer. Waving transparent flaps on the judges tents etc hadn’t phased him.

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What a good horse!

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I used to jump my TB over the unmowed edges of a field.
Ride from the mowed part up to the “vertical brush”.
Probably 2’ :laughing:

Same horse would also jump - when asked - bars of shadow in a sunny indoor arena.

To me that said my body position & cues were all he needed to think “jump!”

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I’m hoping to find a barn one day that has one of those touchless car wash bays. It gets tough during mud season, trying to keep them reasonably clean. All you would have to do is send them in the In door, then run around to the Out door and wait while the blow dryer dries them off. If they are dry maybe they would be less inclined to roll atr the first opportuinty.

The deluxe model would have a switch so you could do the car, SUV or truck. I’m not sure if you could find one that does the fully loaded truck and trailer.