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My journey has been full of mistakes

So @Joyrider post had me thinking. I have some definite videos of ammy imperfections and learning moments as I am sure many of us do. But we are often afraid to share them. However, I am gonna share one, because it is a milestone for me and my guy and an illustration of how the journey and the little things can mean more than the ribbons or the win at a show. This is my third attempt to bring along a young purpose bred warmblood for the hunter ring. My first two developed neurological diseases with one having to be euthanized and the other no longer able to be ridden. I was lucky to find this fellow eight months ago well-started w/t/c and we clicked. I have done all the riding myself and this was our very first whole course at the canter a couple days ago.

It is not mistake free and I am far from a perfect rider but I was over the moon. These days the little things mean so much–even a trail ride on him or a new first. At 50 I realize every minute counts and I am making the most of it. I strive every day to ride better, do better and know more to help my horses. Maybe some day we will earn some ribbons over fences but until then I am loving every second.

He is LOVELY! Is he by Checkmate? And what a wonderful, quiet ride you gave him. Congrats on the milestone and here’s to hitting many more this year :tada:


He is by Qredit. Thank you. He is a lovely fellow inside and out.


He is a lovely metronome isn’t he! As another 50+ rider I salute you and wish you every good trip going forward. I hope your journey together brings you joy. Job well done !


Super horse. He’s so nice!!


Lovely! Yes, every minute counts…I’m keenly aware of the same thing. I would be thrilled to have a green horse canter around so quietly. The jacket tied to the standard, flapping in the wind? Didn’t even look at it. Nice!

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Lovely. Horse and rider. Great cadence and that takes two,

I think we sometimes suffer from…negative riding image? Just like body image fixation because we see so much manufactured, edited, filtered, photo shopped and even poached examples of unattainable “perfection” on social media. We feel too inadequate to share our own IRL journey.

That’s a shame.

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He’s very nice and I think you’re doing a great job with him.
Horses are a constant upward learning curve and also constant “I wish I had known then what I know now”.
I’m on my third homebred and with each one I learn things and change things in the way I train them and add things or take away thing.
But none of that makes it wrong and they are nice horses so far.
I have always found bringing along babies to be the most rewarding thing I have done with horses.

And I’m very sorry about the loss of your young horses. I lost an 18 month old homebred to a broken leg in a pasture accident and it was devastating. He would have been 8 this year and I still think of what might have been. I’m so sorry .


Quite a lovely pair!

Your flashy young horse is adorable! He seems to have such a nice attitude-- as he sort of la-tee-dah, lopes around. Your position is very good. You stay out of his way and don’t make any sudden moves. The two of you, together, create a lovely picture. It’s understandable that you’re thrilled, because it sounds like this has been a long time comin’. Congratulations!


Another poster said it above - negative riding image / imposter syndrome is very real for those who are actually rather accomplished, effective, aware riders.

What a nice ride - consistent canter pace, absolutely unfazed simple changes (you know how many green horses rush and worry over a trot change?!), and a really lovely, soft, but encouraging ride to that itttty chip on the out of the line.

I am seriously so inspired. At 32 after many random 1 year breaks from riding as an adult due to interstate moves, job changes, etc. sometimes I wonder if I should just call my years as a junior and my 20s jumper career enough. After this video - nah, I wanna be at 50+ rider having beautiful trips like that on a four legged partner. Maybe it won’t be a gelding and it won’t be green, but KWPN or Irish bred mare. Your boy looks very happy with you as his partner - congrats!


What a lovely lovely ride you put on your absolutely adorable horse! So much to love in this video!

Everybody’s journey is full of mistakes. That’s how we learn. We have to do it “wrong” to know what to fix to make it “right.” And you two look wonderful! He doesn’t seem one bit bothered when things don’t come up perfectly and that is as Amateur-friendly as you can get. Great job, both of you!

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Ok folks I’m busting at the seams with pride and an update–we have not cantered a full course since my post above over a month ago and today we went to school at the show grounds where our show was to be tomorrow but was canceled due to extreme wind advisory–my young guy had not been to this venue since the fall and the wind was blowing like crazy. At first jumping he was a little fresh and playful but then he settled down and gave me this full course–I was so happy with us! It just shows if you put the time in, listen to your trainer

and do the home work it DOES come together, even for us adult ammies! I am not in a rush and hopefully he will adapt to flying changes easily but I am hoping some bigger shows may be in our future. Thank you all for your kind words and support. I really appreciate it.

Congratulations to you and your lovely horse on another milestone! The two of you present such a beautiful, soft, cohesive picture. You should be very proud of yourself and your riding!

You guys look great and he is adroable! You absolutely should be thrilled and proud, lots of ribbons in your future if you choose to compete!

If those are mistakes keep up the bad work. LOVELY pair.


You can and will make small mistakes on every round BUT you can’t install a great canter in a horse that just doesn’t have one. You got a GREAT canter here and thats what makes a Hunter.

He wants to stay on the cadence and returns to it quickly and without fuss after the simple changes and a bit of a deep spot. You ride him chilly, no big adjustments, he wants to stay long and low and reach with neck and neck, cant teach that either.

Keep doing what you are doing with this competent trainer, and stay patient. With these tools, you’ll get there.


Agree with @findeight that canter is dreamy. Everything other little thing will come with time and miles. Congrats!

That’s a great school for a young horse!

Just staying happy, relaxed, and keeping the rhythm no fuss no muss is absolutely the most important part.

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