My new favorite tractor implement: ratchet rake

Just got mine on Friday and holy cow!! This thing is amazingly useful! It attaches to the front lip of your FEL with two very beefy ratchet straps, and turns your tractor into a mean brush-eating, land-clearing fightin’ machine. :laughing:

In maybe 3 hours I cleared about 5000 sq ft that was completely overgrown with dense honeysuckle, old logs, brush, vines, and saplings. I mean it went from 10ft high, can’t-walk-through-it kind of stuff, to bare , crumbly dirt that’s ready for seeding / planting. I am so excited to have reclaimed those areas.

You can also use it to grade your gravel lane, and scarify an icy surface. You can also pull small stumps (though we have a backhoe which is the better tool for that).

Inexpensive, too – for my 66" FEL bucket it was $350. Highly recommend!


I covet

Thanks for the review! I spent untold hours a few years back clearing my perimeter and knowing this was avail for such a reasonable price would have been money so well spent. Sounds like a great tool to clear multiflora rose and I still have loads of that crap. Maybe a good Christmas present!

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It would be outstanding for MF rose (interpret MF either way :smile: ).

You make me laugh - yeah definitely interpret the other way!