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My new Voltaire Lexington came in!

I picked up my new Voltaire Lexington last week. OMG is it AWESOME! I SERIOUSLY doubt I could fall off of it if I wanted to! I was jumping a double 2’6" and lost my stirrup as we turned in to it. Chey slipped in the grass on the hard turn and threw us both off balance yet my legs never moved from where I had them going over the jumps. I jumped 3 more jumps before I worried about getting my stirrup back without any issues!

It’s really comfortable too! Thunder and I did a 2 hour trail ride with a bit of trotting, some cantering and some galloping. I wasn’t sore anywhere! Neither was Thunder for that matter, which really made me feel good!

It’s fits Chey PERFECTLY and will fit Thunder really well as he muscles up (I use a Fleeceworks sheepskin pad for both of them). Yes, it was very expensive but after having ridden in it quite a bit the past week I honestly don’t have any regrets about spending the money on it!