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My riding skills need help! I'm looking for an extended "clinic"

Right now my QH and I aren’t riding due to some anxieties he and I share. We are working through them but in the interim I feel like I should be improving my skills so that when we do get back to riding, I will be better at it (I’m pretty sure he would appreciate it). So, I’m looking for some intensive schooling. A week long clinic on a lesson horse? or a retreat somewhere. Maybe a ranch willing to let me learn on the job in exchange for my best efforts. I’m open to suggestions and thoughts and recommendations. Please and Thanks!

I would vote for finding some ground work clinics or a trainer locally. It’s amazing how much you can improve communication and build trust with the right person directing you. LOL it’s also amazing the basic holes you find in both your skill sets as you go.


I think you would benefit from more than that.

Just a week long full training session won’t help you much in developing enough skills and to overcome your anxiety.

If you go away for a week, who’s going to train your horse in the meantime?

What you need is someone who will evaluate you and your horse first.

If your horse is suitable, have it trained and take lessons from that person as well; with your horse and, if possible with their lessons horses. If not, then find a good lesson place and add more riding time.

If your horse isn’t suitable. Have it trained and sold. Keep it for ground work or as pasture pet. Or.
And find a place to take regular weekly lessons.

Riding is supposed to be fun.

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Thank you for your idea :slight_smile:

Is there a kind,gifted trainer near you that you could go board with and get intensive help several days a week? What is the situation with you and your horse and what help is around you?

For the same money or less put him in a barn with a good trainer and take loads of lessons togther.


Where are you located?