My Rottie has the patience of a saint!

How she puts up with these two is beyond me, but they all get on brilliantly! :heart:


She’s very patient with those little idiots. Clearly she provides the entertainment! lol


One of the best dogs I ever groomed was a Rottie. I was opening his kennel when someone else had a small dog get loose from their bath and panic. Other dog ran into the kennel of the intact male Rottie and all but went underneath of him looking for cover. I was able to leash the Rottie and walk him out quickly but he seemed completely unconcerned by the whole ordeal. It probably helped that he had smaller dog siblings at home but that was a harrowing 3 seconds. My super chill lab would have been more reactive than that huge boy was!


She’s unbelievably tolerant and loves flinging them around :rofl:
We understand from the rescue we got her from that she’d always lived with a little dog so she adores her naughty little buddies and they think she makes an awesome cushion! :heart:


Sounds like that could have been a real heart in mouth moment for you though! Phew I bet your knees were like jelly!!
They get such bad press, but in all my years of owning them (12 of them in coming up 30 years and all rescues at that) we’ve only had one that remained a bit too quirky.
We renamed our big entire boy Oberon because king of the fairies just about summed him up lol! He was the most wonderful ambassador for the breed and would get stopped in the street for cuddles :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


This video is extremely cute and should at least be a runner-up for winning the internet.

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Good Rottweilers don’t get enough good press. Apart from the reasonable caution I have about any large dog I do not personally know, I have never met a Rott I was automatically afraid of, unlike a lot of the poorly bred and socialized GSDs and bully types that prevail locally. I know where those dogs are coming from and who owns them, and that’s what scares me there.

Well, thinking back, I guess I lied. One of our tenants did have two absolutely vicious Rotts, but I didn’t blame the dogs themselves there either.


OMG, how funny​:joy::joy:

Another Rottie fan here. I have had four in my lifetime, losing the first three (males) to forms of cancer​:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

My fourth and current is a very opinionated and big female; she is 25” at the shoulder and still has her beautiful tail!:). She was rehomed to me at 18 months and is now five years already!!! She lives in the house with my Catahoula/Pit Bull that I rescued as a yearling and is now seven.

They are both fantastic with the horses but all my Rotties and other rescue dogs have been great with the horses. Train Train train - if one can’t make their children listen don’t get any sort of guard dog or dog that is sure it knows more than you do​:cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face:

Your video is great and very funny - I like hearing the little folks carry on, like that’s going to stop the Big Girl​:joy::joy:

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Hightale, you’re in the UK, right? How did you get a docked Rottweiler?

I have two docked/uncropped Dobermans and one totally natural (long tail, my second that way) Doberman. Since my dogs have come from shelters and/or private owners (rehoming), I tell people, “I take 'em as I get 'em.”

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Awww!! Thank you so much! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Delighted to make the acquaintance of another rottie rescuer! So sorry to hear you lost your beautiful boys to cancer - I lost a boy and two girls to bone cancer, it’s just heartbreaking.

Your girlie sounds gorgeous and I’ve never heard of a Catahoula!

The small people were in full on billy big- bullocks terrierist mode, the gobsh*tes :rofl:

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I never thought I’d see another docked one! Els was brought over from South Africa by a couple who emigrated here to the UK, but decided to leave her here when they returned.
I’m much the same as as you - they arrive how they are and I love them in whatever fashion that might be :blush:


Thankyou. After losing my third Rottie, I said never again because they own the dog part of my soul. When a state trooper friend friend called and insisted I please listen to the fella who needed to rehome a Rottweiler, I grudgingly did and she’s still here, lollol

Catahoulas are initially a southern hunting dog — they are trained to hunt wild boar which are over-running some areas of the south. Then those @#$* f8* fighting dog people got the bright idea to cross them with Pit Bulls@#$&&(

Catahoulas are a loving but stubborn dog and require more training than Rottweilers to make them understand “because I said so” when they say “nupe”, lol. They have a very long life and very short hair​:+1::+1: And like other very busy dogs, they do NOT make good apartment dogs and need plenty of room to run.

We have 24 acres and when the weather isn’t brutally hot, they go out every day to check fences and other stuff, lol.

I don’t want to hi-Jack your thread but this is Freyja my big opinionated Rottweiler, and Sheldon the Catahoula/Pit Bull. Freyja, aka Queenie, sez “yes you may wash my back, lol