My used Vogel Boots are cracking! Any ideas?

Hi there

Took me a long time to find tall boots to fit me and i got very very lucky that a woman sold me her used custom Vogel boots that surprisingly fit me to a tee b/c i have odd measurements. However, (and they were cheap!), they had a small crack on top just behind the toe. And now that i’ve cleaned them up, it looks like the heel area is somewhat getting “crazed” as well. She clearly didn’t take good care of them, but i’m wondering if there is any way to save them. Vogel themselves? I’m open to any thoughts. Thanks in advance.

Can you post a picture? My old Vogels eventually cracked and split at the ankle folds or might get leaks where the toe flexes. Would be interesting to see the damage you describe. It’s possible that you’ve just got to strip off some old polish.