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Mysterious animal is pooping on my bed!

I apologize if topic doesn’t belong to this section but I wasn’t sure where to post it.

Every night when I go to bed I find this tiny black things, they are 2 to 8 pieces, on the bed. They are black, quite round (do not look like a mouse to me) about 1-1,5 mm of diameter. I’ll try to take a decent picture.
I find them only on my side of the bed. I tought of bedbugs but we have not been bitten and I didn’t find any trace under the sheets, on the mattress, under the mattress ecc.
The room is an attic with wood ceiling, there are some critters living in the roof (we can hear their noise sometimes during the night) but we have a large family of owls who take care of them. I am wondering if some dormouse’s poop is falling between the wooden boards of the ceiling right on the bed? I can’t see any trace looking at the ceiling but…
Any ideas? I must get rid of this cheeky pooper!

Can you set up a motion activated camera to see if there is something coming in and hanging out on your bed during the day?


Yikes! I second @trubandloki’s suggestion of a camera.

Without that, I’d put down some dark paper with some flour or baby powder on it, to see if you can find footprints.

You really should get your attic friends taken care of, professionally if needed. Their feces carries disease.


You have owls and some unknown critters living directly above where you sleep?? If you can hear the critters then the owls aren’t doing the job .

Everyone needs to be evicted. Do you have bats? I don’t know what bat poop looks like…

Or owl poop??


According to google images - Owl scat it larger chunks. Bat scat looks kind of like mouse droppings.

:scream: :scream:

We had bats in our house in MN. They can squeeze though a very tiny opening. I found one in my young sons bedroom one day. Scared the crap out of me. The next night the cat got it and we sealed up every space in the attic we could find.

Still had several episodes of bats flying through the house until we got rid of them all. Quite the experience. Ugly creatures that I am happy to let live outside!

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I think bats are actually cute.


Not saying that these are your house guests, but flying squirrels are quite small, very common and love to move into attics. What’s right above your bed? Normal type ceiling or something different?

I’d be concerned about rabies if it was a bat.


Is the ceiling above your bed solid enough that nothing, like poop :grimacing: can get through?

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Thank you all! @endlessclimb we called professionale twice but the critters always come back…we haven’t heard any noises lately after the mice guy got rid of all the nests. We live in the woods and hearing something walking/landing on the roof Is quite common
I tried to spread some flour as suggested but I couldn’t find any trace.
My SO yesterday had a close look to the ceiling and couldn’t find any hole/crack in the wooden boards that are also stuck between them so there is no empy space between them. Flying squirrels are not a native animal here (they sell them as pets but we don’t have one…not at the moment Lol) and no bats in the house, I should see them hanging somewhere I think.
I am thinking more of an insect maybe, do spiders poop?
@ShenanAnna well it looks like it is :sweat_smile: the roof is made of shingles, then there is a waterproof layer (like thick Rubber), then an insulating layer (some kind of foam) and then, above our heads the wooden boards which are quite thick (about 3 cm/1,20 inches). A couple of years ago some mice broke in and ate part of the foam but we called professionals who cleaned up all the mess


Do you have a pet that could by lying on your bed during the day? If so, maybe you’re seeing fleas? I’ve heard that fleas are very reluctant to bite humans if there are hairy things around.

Whatever it may be, I suggest you get your house fumigated.


We have two dogs but they are not allowed upstairs, where the bedroom is.

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Biologist here :wave:t2: quite well-versed in wildlife poop. Could you try and upload a pic?


Our son was 8yo when we discovered a bat was living in the ceiling light fixture of his room. CDC protocol called for him get the series of rabies preventative shots. Ouch! (and it was expensive.)


Hi @addictedtobarndust! I’d love to but this spiteful animal hasn’t pooped on the bed since I uploaded my first message 🤦 anyway they are roundish, dark brown/black, no peculiar smell, no white/any other colour parts. If smashed they are quite rubbery, not dusty (I read that bat poop would be dry and dusty)

Wait! I moved the bed and found one! The hairy part is dust

this is what it looks like when smashed

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Not when they are swooping through the house.


BTDT in a 1750’s house with beamed ceilings. Bats. Illegal to exterminate, nearly impossible to keep out of your attic. But we stuffed every tiny crack around the beams with steel wool and it hasn’t happened again.


So they live above the wooden boards? And the poop falls from a tiny crack that I can’t see? But I should hear some noise right above my head at night, and I don’t hear any… anyway I’ll take a closer look to the beams

This is what the ceiling looks like

The boards are stuck between one another

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