Name Change....

Is there anyway to change my board name? We are no longer involved in 4H (kids grown and gone) and I’d like it to become Arena Run

name change

I too was looking for a way to change my COTH name. Is it possible to become Wee Dee Trrr (my horse’s name)? Quiterandom1 was an old email username and is not horse related at all.

Thank you in advance.:slight_smile:


THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Love it! :smiley:

Another name change request here - would like to go from my current to Ride’emCO… Pretty please?

Thank you!!! :smiley:

name change

I would like to change from 3dogfarm to ManyDogs.
Thank you!

Thank you!

A name change request please!

I would love to go from my current name to TheBrightSide06


Oh me too! This name is so old… can I get changed to kady05 please? That’s my username on every other forum :slight_smile:

I also have a name change request. I would like my user name changed to paulakay1968. Apparently I got mixed up when registering and put in email address instead of desired user name. I wasn’t too worried about it but someone responded to my first post saying that I should NOT use my email address. Thanks

Another name change please. I would like to go to N2Equus.

Another name change please! I also used my email address on accident. I would love to be CrimsonInClover. Thanks!

I put this up on its own post but thought perhaps it’d be more convenient over here… Could I get a name change from the current one to AnotherShotEventing, or AnotherShot if the first one’s too long? Thanks :slight_smile:

One more please - can I change to 2happyhaffies ?? Thanks much!!!

Hi, can I change my name too?
I don’t want my last name in there anymore…
can I have Jessiesgirl

Thank you!!!:smiley:

Hi, I would like to change my name too. Can you change it to sj2012js ? thanks!

OK, I’ll play. Could you change mine to Cindyg? That is my name on every other forum I’m on. When I came to this board, maybe 7 years ago, someone else had already claimed Cindyg. But that person has never posted a single post. Meanwhile, my nickname, Nin, is very hard to find in a thread as it’s part of the word traiNINg. Would you take pity on me and give me the name Cindyg?

We’re checking in with the other cindyg about deleting her account. If you don’t hear anything from me in a few days, please send me a reminder. :wink:

Mod 1

Could I get my username changed to TB Hunter please? Thanks!