Name for new mare

I’m in need of a name (both show and paddock) for my new mare that I am picking up tomorrow and have only got names for geldings (I wasn’t going get a mare:lol:). The show name needs to go with my prefix Temrah.
A bit about her…
Very ‘pretty’ personality and look
Thoroughbred (OTTB)


What is her current name and breeding? Maybe that will lead to some ideas.

Many horses name themselves once you have them in your barn, under your care.

One such mare I knew had Robin for a barn name and it fitted her.

Her registered name was her show name, I was told.

She is fresh OTTB and her race name was Moneypenny, by Shamardal out of Balwearie. She certainly doesn’t suit penny…

Temrahs Fortune

I like Moneypenny, the secretary to the boss of Bond. I think the fictional character’s first name was supposed to be Eve, so that’s one possibility.