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Name of a type of Juimp

Hello: Back in the late 90s I used to ride on a hunt property that had a really fun jump. I used to know the name of it but now it escapes me.

The jump was a big round mound, like a tiny hill maybe 20 ft in Radius and about 20 ft tall. At the top of the hill there was a vertical. You would canter up the hill, take a tiny stride, jump the verticle, land w a tiny stride then go down the hill.

I seem to remember it was called some type of bank?

Irish Bank?


Doug Payne, in this article of his in Practical Horseman Magazine, states that a jump on top of a mound is commonly called a “ pimple jump.”


At events it’s generally just called a mound (or at lower levels sometimes a lump!)

An Irish bank is revetted and they jump up and either change legs and jump down or take one stride and jump down.

A Normandy bank is more similar to what the OP is describing but generally has a ditch in front of the up bank and then a jump on the bank itself. 400px-2007RolexNormandyBank0001

Personally I’ve always referred to this as “log on a lump” and I don’t think I’ve ever heard an official name :thinking:

As a volunteer jump judge, I was once stationed at LOL :rofl: It was indeed – log on a lump.

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The one at Fair Hill was always called the log on the lump, but I wasn’t aware it was universal!

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I got this type of jump a few times while I was volunteer jump judging at Stoneleigh Burnham in the early 2000s. They referred to it as The Mound Complex - or just The Mound on the radio, but it was the same thing - a log on mound terrain.

It always rode well as long as you came in with enough impulsion. :slightly_smiling_face:

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